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Man critically injured after three-story fall from balcony

you people are pathetic. The victim is my roomate. Hes a college Grad, He works for the Connection. The connection is one of the best apartment complexes in lawrence, id say hands down the best, and you call it a student ghetto? And after all the trouble he and his family have gone through, you sit here on your computer and post offensinve uninsighful material basically condemning him and making it seem like he deserved to fall. The kid has 5 FRACTURED VERTEBRAE and just got another piece of shattered spine removed from his spinal cord yesterday, he most likely should have died and all you do is sit here and complain about how your gonna have to pay more taxes becuase of this? THis is sickening and horribly sad. Well, his mom's a doctor and all of his friends are raising money for him so you keep sitting there and posting ridiculous nonsensical, judgemental comments on LJW.
p.s. -keep the prayers coming.

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