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Three being treated in Lawrence after overdosing

Must have been having a Wakarusa Festival reunion.

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Follow the leader? Occupy Lawrence may not have one

I am thinking Huzzah or Wakarusa Festival when I see the pictures.

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This time, Kansas not punch line


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Former Air Force airman from Hutchinson gets six years in prison for fatal crash north of Lawrence

"Harrison’s defense attorney Jason Billam had asked Pokorny to give Harrison probation or concurrent sentences saying he had taken immediate responsibility for the crash, had no past criminal history and could benefit society more out of prison because he had undergone treatment for alcohol."

Yeah, fleeing the scene of a fatal accident is taking immediate responsibility. Defense attorneys are Complete Scum. And he also asked for probation. Are you serious?

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No defense for KU coach Turner Gill

FarneyMac, did i just read that. Hire Clint Bowen. I am hoping i missed the sarcasm in the post. Clint Bowen. Yeah, that would solve all the defensive problems.

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Courtroom full of police and detectives sees 21-year-old man sentenced for injuring Lawrence officer

Oh my goodness? HollisBrown is so delusional it hurts. You feel sorry for a guy who punched a police officer? Really? I would also like to know why you were in the courtroom when the officer was getting charged? Oh wait, you hate cops, that's right. What happened? Get in a little trouble did we? I am betting you smacked you wife around or something. Just a guess though. Or maybe this is something someone told your friend that told their friend that told you. No facts. And to be completely honest, I feel the exact opposite is true. If a cops gets a DUI, I think it is even harder for them to be found innocent just because they are a cop. A guilty cop should be spanked just like everyone else. Additionally, what does a cop getting a DUI have to do with a cop getting punched in the face? NOTHING.

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Search for missing 7-year-old set to resume Sunday morning

Ouch!!! You just got OWNED.

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Kansas Highway Patrol investigates whether drugs contributed to double-fatality Saturday afternoon on K-10

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Olathe man, 24, in serious condition following single-vehicle accident

The BIG B, you would be truly amazed at how many of these guys get probation from fleeing and eluding. Good ol Liberal Douglas County.

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Statehouse Live: Reorganization of agency that investigates discrimination complaints draws fire

What a foolish and completely incorrect statement. You are truly the one who is ignorant and incompetent. Move if you don't like it.

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