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Kansas GOP focuses on Islamic State in legislative mailers

The republican party in Kansas is truly on the defensive. When you are sinking one strategy is to change the subject by fanning the flames of something emotional like guns and abortion, and now, Islamic terrorists. They realize they cannot win talking about highways, education or roads. Their governor has made sure of that.

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Kansas State football coach Snyder endorses Sen. Roberts

The good coach should stick to his football where he generally makes very good decisions.

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Finance Council approves borrowing $675 million; contentious debate ensues over state's fiscal policies

It is time for the political leadership of our state to start showing some fiscal responsibility before every dime of reserve funds of every type are completely depleted. Can Brownback ever admit to a mistake with his 'experiment'? The state cannot handle his gaffs any longer.

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Kansas gives go-ahead again to new coal plant

Look, we all understand that the selfish bastards just want to use the coal from the Wyoming coal mine they own a piece of but why not sell their interest in the coal mine to the Chinese and use the proceeds to drill a few gas wells in their own backyard in SW Kansas. They can't miss, its all over the place out there. They will kill two birds with one stone and do the environment some good. They have been pumping gas out there for decades. They could easily lock in today's low gas prices forever. Why can't they use their heads for once and stop trying to bull their way down the wrong road?

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Kansas gives go-ahead again to new coal plant

It would really be nice if the Kansas republican party could, finally, start to recognize that all corporate decisions are not necessarily best for state citizens' welfare or health. Surely one of these days the smartest of the lot (hopefully there is such a thing) will decide that maybe some jobs are not worth saving or that greed and selfishness are really not that good for mankind. Or, hoping against hope, maybe we should try to just get along with one another and try working together for a change and stop with the other side always representing evil thing.

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Brownback signs Medicare, gun bills

EVERY move or word Brownback has made or uttered about healthcare for Kansans has been bad for the people of Kansas. Every word said has been replete with deception and outright lies. The man simply must be removed from office. To see this man continually refer to his Christian status makes me want to throw up. What God does he pray to, anyway? This man is just evil and must go.

It is sickening how everything he has done in office has been designed to cram still more dollars into the already stuffed pockets of the rich. He has done his utmost to create class warfare in Kansas and the ever widening disparities he has helped create between the rich and poor is totally heartless.

More evidence of republican lies - Now we hear of attempts to give state employees their first raise in years, a measly 1.5%. Only trouble is republicans want to tie in the removal of the longstanding longevity bonuses, worth $400.00 to employees with 10 years service. That's more than the raise would produce for most. Bottom line is a pay cut for most. Kansans literally cannot afford more republican lies. They must pack up and leave Topeka.

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Brownback signs Medicare, gun bills

Great explanation, Phillip. It looks like Kansans are the victim of still more republican lies. I don't think Brownback, Kobach and legislative leaders will ever stop lying to the people of Kansas. The real threat is that not enough voters will recognize the lies and hold them accountable. People like you need to continue speaking out about the truth so that more can learn and more properly become distrustful of practically everything coming out of the mouths of the state's currently elected leaders.

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Kansas speech by Michelle Obama draws complaints

Of course there will be complaints. She is the wife of a black democrat President. That is how greedy and selfish republicans respond in the middle of red state Kansas. Republicans in Kansas can be the worst of the worst and have generally acted like it , too. They do not know how to show respect and several should probably be in jail for obstructing federal statutes. That would most certainly include some of our so-called state leaders.

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What is the future of wind energy in Kansas?

Has anyone else noticed that up until about 2 years ago Sam Brownback was singing the praises of wind energy? Most conservatives in the state legislature, however, who are deep into the hip pockets of ALEC, the corporate sponsored nationwide organization that so conveniently bribes, er, makes large donations to the re-election campaigns of conservatives willing to advance the best interest causes for large corporations across America, are fighting against wind energy.

And come to think about it, I have not heard a peep out of the governor about his support for wind energy in a long time now. Perhaps he has learned to care more about those donations than the welfare of Kansas and Kansans.


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House, Senate pass school finance bill; awaiting Brownback's signature

Thanks to the conservatives here we go again back to the courthouse. The day after Brownback signs this bill an attorney will be on the courthouse steps ready to file another law suit regarding the constitutionality of the tax credits, of which most will go for private schools operated by churches. Conservatives, it seems, will never learn what it means to separate church and government. They have caused so many tax dollars to be wasted in the courtroom defending the unconstitutional things they get through the legislative process. And thanks to Brownback, every tax dollar collected in Kansas is precious and cannot afford to be wasted. The Attorney General has been forced to seek a much higher budget from the legislature for defending in court several things that made it through the legislature.

Governor Brownback's pride will never allow him to admit that his experiment with state income taxes has already shown itself to be a total failure caused by colossal sized false assumptions. He and other fellow religious conservatives have already declared the public school system to be worthless. Their not so secret agenda is to shift state funding away from public schools toward private schools. Measures recently introduced by Kelley, Abrahms and Rhoades have all tried to do this very thing. And they despise teachers, those worthless low level card carrying scum union members unworthy of support of any kind. Never mind that their teachers were also card carrying union members who taught them to stand on their own two feet and exercise their brains, albeit in a most wasteful manner many times.

Instead of trying to tear down teachers and the public school system the legislature and governor should be trying to put back the dollars taken away from education during the worst economic downturn since the great depression. Teachers and other staff have been laid off during this time and class sizes have increased.

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