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What is the future of wind energy in Kansas?

Has anyone else noticed that up until about 2 years ago Sam Brownback was singing the praises of wind energy? Most conservatives in the state legislature, however, who are deep into the hip pockets of ALEC, the corporate sponsored nationwide organization that so conveniently bribes, er, makes large donations to the re-election campaigns of conservatives willing to advance the best interest causes for large corporations across America, are fighting against wind energy.

And come to think about it, I have not heard a peep out of the governor about his support for wind energy in a long time now. Perhaps he has learned to care more about those donations than the welfare of Kansas and Kansans.


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House, Senate pass school finance bill; awaiting Brownback's signature

Thanks to the conservatives here we go again back to the courthouse. The day after Brownback signs this bill an attorney will be on the courthouse steps ready to file another law suit regarding the constitutionality of the tax credits, of which most will go for private schools operated by churches. Conservatives, it seems, will never learn what it means to separate church and government. They have caused so many tax dollars to be wasted in the courtroom defending the unconstitutional things they get through the legislative process. And thanks to Brownback, every tax dollar collected in Kansas is precious and cannot afford to be wasted. The Attorney General has been forced to seek a much higher budget from the legislature for defending in court several things that made it through the legislature.

Governor Brownback's pride will never allow him to admit that his experiment with state income taxes has already shown itself to be a total failure caused by colossal sized false assumptions. He and other fellow religious conservatives have already declared the public school system to be worthless. Their not so secret agenda is to shift state funding away from public schools toward private schools. Measures recently introduced by Kelley, Abrahms and Rhoades have all tried to do this very thing. And they despise teachers, those worthless low level card carrying scum union members unworthy of support of any kind. Never mind that their teachers were also card carrying union members who taught them to stand on their own two feet and exercise their brains, albeit in a most wasteful manner many times.

Instead of trying to tear down teachers and the public school system the legislature and governor should be trying to put back the dollars taken away from education during the worst economic downturn since the great depression. Teachers and other staff have been laid off during this time and class sizes have increased.

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Kansas Senate passes bill barring Medicaid expansion

Every person in Kansas knows someone adversely affected by this vote in the Kansas senate. As a U.S. taxpayer I am sick and tired of deranged state politicians forcing me to subsidize healthcare for the poor and otherwise unfortunate in other states without the same people in Kansas also being able to participate. This is a closed-minded way to proceed with healthcare in Kansas.

I refused to believe for several years that Kansas republicans would rather yank food from the mouths of children while refusing to adequately educate them, display the ugliest side of greed and selfishness while fully expecting the state's help to cram their religious views down every one else's throats and deny to the poor the right to the same healthcare that they enjoy rather than to support a duly elected democrat President. The lengths some people will go to in order to appease their bruised political egos is not only often unconstitutional, it is fast becoming outright dangerous.

Now I know that all republicans don't agree with these silly selfish moves by state party leaders. The fact is that a large chunk of Kansas republicans, together with a majority of independents and a large majority of democrats could EASILY bring back a sensible legislature that would stand somewhere in the middle. I would think that the average Kansas republican would feel empowered and independent enough to recognize how much money the Koch brothers are saving each year under Brownback's state income tax "experiment". The real problem has been that most republicans have voted for the selfish, greedy "Koch brothers" money behind so many of the legislative races. Good people of Kansas, beware! What's good for the Koch brothers does not mean its also good for you. Elect sensible, honest people to the legislature. In today's world that does not mean the person who spends the most ad money.

I used to think that push would come to shove in Kansas. I now think it has already come to shove. More are starting to completely ignore anything coming out of the mouths of their political adversaries and are fearing the approach of a smiling member of the opposition who has already proven they will pat you on the back with one hand while gutting you with a knife with the other. More tempers are flaring. Their have been several examples of denying the opposition opportunities for further discussion on issues.

More than ever before, we need to stand up for Kansas.

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Opinion: Kansans should reclaim power

I agree ordinary Kansans need to reclaim the state. The sheer numbers say there is no way the poor and middle class in Kansas would wish to pick up the slack in state revenues because the rich no longer pay state income tax. How did the governor get the poor and middle classes in Kansas to go into the voting booth and vote into office those who have gone on to slit the poor and middle class citizens' throats? They have done this by promising to end state income taxes for everyone, its just that they started with the rich. Everyone else will continue to pay and pay. Now it is looking like the governor greatly miscalculated how much he could strip out of the state budget to offset reduced income tax revenue. The poor and middle classes look to schools to provide a springboard for their children to get ahead. Funding for schools, including state universities, has been whacked hard and test scores in some areas have dropped. Recent news stated Kansas teachers salaries are near the bottom of the list.

I guess the rich are doing pretty good.

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Democratic leader says Brownback wants Gray-Little gone; governor's office says he does not

Will Rogers taught us to "not believe anything you hear and only half of what you see." Brownback has always talked a good game but when you come back later and see how it affected real people you find only the 1% benefited and at the expense of the poor and middle class.

My mother always said to formulate opinions of others not upon what they say but what they do. Actions speak much louder than words. Brownback will be going down this fall. It will be because enough Kansas voters will finally realize that they can no longer count on their republican party to represent them. A realization that only the wealthy are supported by the Kansas republican party will bring him down. They have become disenchanted with Sam's experiment with the Kansas economy.

I definitely support Sen. Hensley's theory that Brownback wants Gray-Little out as KU chancellor. Brownback doesn't want to see anyone stand up to him, even after he has ripped their hearts out budgetwise. He slit their budgetary throats this year and expects them to bow down. He tried to blackmail each state supported university head into backing tax increases upon the poor in order to get proper funding and then reneged on that. Tuition increases followed even though they were already killing lower and middle income families. Gray-Little needs to spit in his face when she next sees him. She won't though as she has too much class.

THIS GUY HAS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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State argues court can't order more funding for schools; two justices say state broke its promise

The Brownback administration offers the most insincere and disingenuous excuses for not properly funding education. It is sickening. Voters absolutely must wake up at the next election. Sam and his ultra conservative buds in the legislature must be turned out of office to restore some sanity and reasonableness to the funding of things the state is required to take care of. His rich buddies have pirated enough from the rest of us.

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Audit finds problems in Kansas Department of Commerce handling of economic development programs

What we will never see is just how many of the new jobs would have been created anyway without the program? Unemployment in Kansas has never been as bad as other states during recessions to start with. This idea was just an idea to pad the rich man's pockets with more money courtesy of the poor and middle class who have to make up the difference with higher taxes.

I feel so sorry for the duped poor and middle class republicans in Kansas. Standing by their man is clobbering them.

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Top Democrat, Kansas governor's staff spar over court choice

You quite obviously don't know what you are talking about.

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Top Democrat, Kansas governor's staff spar over court choice

Sam Brownback fails miserably as an honorable man. Honorable men do not know selfishness. They respect the law and make decisions based upon a belief of fairness for all. Thank God our founding fathers were honorable men.

Sam Brownback has outright lied to the people of Kansas when he selfishly claims Caleb Stegall is the most qualified candidate to fill the seat on the appeals court. The most qualified person would be ANY existing judge who have had rulings appealed and had their rulings upheld. For the governor to appoint someone who agrees with his views on two of the most contentious issues facing Kansas today is most disingenuous, especially when the governor's views are at odds with existing precedent setting rulings made at the supreme court level, one state and one federal.

No one should disagree with the one qualification that should be at the top of the list of qualifications for any judge - that of being impartial regardless of what type case is presented. If a judge feels strongly about an issue before the court, it amounts to a stacked deck against one of the parties.

Since Stegall has written extensively praising the pro-life movement and negatively about the school finance ruling handed down by the state supreme court, is there any doubt as to how he would rule in cases containing those subject matters?

Any person failing the impartiality requirement is not fit to sit on any bench, much less a seat on one of our higher courts. The people of Kansas should appropriately be up in arms about a governor who would attempt to stack the appellate court with judges who will not offer a sense of fairness to both sides in every case before their court. If the Kansas state senate is made up of honorable men they can only turn down the governor's request to confirm Caleb Stegall.

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Two legislators will file bill to change proof-of-citizenship requirement for voters

Voting is one of our most precious rights and for 15,000 Kansans to have it ripped away by an overzealous politician is too much for me, too. One knows on the one hand that the federal courts will declare the law unconstitutional as they have already in other states. The question is "how long will that take"? This large number could actually sway some elections and I would hate to see these people's votes not count in elections waiting for the courts. I believe the legislature should take this up and fix this problem.

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