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Topeka bank robbery has Lawrence connection

Would you guys keep your criminals in Larry, we don't need anymore over here.

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Sound Off: We are on the no-call list, and we get calls from “card member services.” How can we get

good luck getting them to quite calling, I have reported them to the FCC and the state and they can not do a thing about it. Your best bet is to ignore the call by not answering it. If you have caller ID you will notice that frequently the number will have an excess of 000's within the number. Been happening to me for several years and yes it is a pain in the a**

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Eudora man, 29, given probation term for string of burglaries

Judge Kay Huff, WTH are you thinking with that sentence????????????????????

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Charlie Weis introduced at KU

He is needing a hip replacement and will have it done in the dead period

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New day, new faces: Rumors, uncertainty abound in KU coaching search’s 11th day

Apparentlly about 10 other schools made the same mistake, not just KU

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Hunters provide meat for Kansas food pantries

Here's your contact info

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Nudist group that began in Lawrence shows fun, relaxation to be had in a body

Just think of all the swinging and swaying during those 5K runs!!!!!

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K-10 panel to request safety barriers

Just went to Overland Park and back yesterday, construction was not a problem at all, just stupid people speeding.

I think that the super smooth new pavement is going to really cause problems when wet or ice covered,

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Lawrence woman, 25, receives probation on child-endangerment charges; judge orders her not to drink alcohol for a year

She may well have to wear a SRAM device for the year, which will detect acholol in her system

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Lawrence teen among nine people charged with murder of Topeka attorney; Duane Richey remains at large

The cruelty to animals charge relates to a attempted residence burglary where they shot and killed a family pet going to the sounds of property invasion.

TPD say a picture will be posted soon.

Still sleeping with Mr. Smith and Mr. Weson and Mr. Browning by the door!

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