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Kansas legislator suggests using hunters in helicopters to control illegal immigration, likens immigrants to feral hogs

"He said most of his constituents are extremely upset with illegal immigration and the state and federal government response."

The people are encouraged to believe that illegal immigrants are their entire problem, everything would be just fine if it weren't for those" illegal immigrants."

It's a lie. Republikons have always invented a scapegoat to encourage the people to hate. Once upon a time it was Jews, then Irishmen, then Italians. Why? Because if their ignorant constituents have a "group" to blame for everything that's wrong, no jobs, no housing, taxes rising then they won't be paying attention to the real evil in the room. Lawmakers taking away their rights, increasing their taxes (so they can give the wealthy tax breaks), denying them services. Take a look at the facts people. Illegal immigrants are such a small drain on the country, it barely shows up. The BIG drains are two useless wars and multiBillion dollar tax breaks for the rich, and this man knows it. He just doesn't want YOU to know it.

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