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Father blames alcohol for KU student's death

Instead of everyone seeking blame for this horrible tragedy I would like to suggest the people who knew and loved Jason (i.e. his Parents, Friends and Fraternity brothers) could turn their terrible loss into something that would create a memorial for Jason. They could create educational opportunities to educate other students at KU. There are all kinds of great programs that can be brought in and could teach other young adults so this doesn't happen again.

I have seen horrible tragedies at other campuses that helped to cause a movement within the student body towards more responsible actions and education. These students, families, or fraternities started funds in memory of their loved one and use the money to bring in top programs to educate their members, friends, students. Fraternities or Sororities required their members to be at the programs, schools required all dorms to have new students attend, or the students themselves encouraged others to attend these programs. The really good programs are not boring but rather speak directly to the students on a level that gets their attention. They are very motivating programs.

It doesn't happen overnight but it can happen. It won't bring back Jason but it might help make it a little less painful.

My heart goes out to his family, friends and Fraternity brothers. It is a loss for all but maybe you can create something positive from Jason's death.

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