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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

'MERICA!! I'm sure if he were a smart and successful business man he wouldn't have to worry about the marxist, commie, Obama-lovin, candy assed citizens of Lawrence. He's just butt-hurt that his business went under. He's probably a proud Brownback (athletic)supporter and would be singing a different tune if his business had done well, but it did not. Hurray for america and the 1st amendment.

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Brownback calls to repeal school finance formula in State of the State address

Part of being a mature adult is being able to accept responsibility for your shortcomings and NOT blaming someone else. Stop trying to place the blame on someone or somewhere else and just fix the problem Mr. Brownback. I'm sure the lack of funding for public education didn't happen from any part of your financial experiment (faux pas) that failed. The state legislators and our sorry excuse for a governor just need to fix the problem with a little less blood letting at the taxpayers expense

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KU Athletic Director Perkins victim of alleged blackmail scheme

prolly MIZZOU fans!! LOL

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Community invited to meeting to discuss homelessness in Lawrence

I am all for HELPING the homeless, not ENABLING them. I work at a facility where we care for a large homeless population. Much more often than not, they are chronic drunks, who however, manage to be able to afford cigarretes, more alcohol, but never seem to be able to afford food. Homeless are the refugees in Darfur...most of the homeless I am use to seeing are "enabled".

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