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Speed, alcohol blamed in fatal crash

Well even if all the people in Tongie kept their "harmless" fun in Tongie that doesn't change the fact that Lawrence is a college town and there are so many bars in Lawrence. Just face it everynight that the bars are open there are going to be people drinking and driving in Lawrence, so I don't think us losing two of are friends is going to change the fact that there are still going to be people drinking and driving in Lawrence.

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Speed, alcohol blamed in fatal crash

There are not appropriate because none of the what ifs did happen. If they had happened I'm sure you would have something else inappropriate to say though because you can't seem to keep your mouth shut.

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Speed, wet roads, alcohol led to Tonganoxie men's deaths

Don't even write back to observer trust me he's not worth anyones time. Since the paper first came out observer has not said one positive things, only putting down ben and jake, so trust me don't waste your time on observer. I have looked at other posts that observer has wrote on observer is just a negative person. I guarantee observer has made mistakes to but probably wouldn't admit to it. This is a forum about two of are friends that died and all observer can ask is if you know how to compose a sentence. What an idiot.

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Speed, alcohol blamed in fatal crash

Actually I wouldn't be bashing others because I am not the type of person to sit around and point fingers it was an accident. I know they were in the wrong I'm not trying to say they were perfect. I'm just sick of people talking trash when they don't even know either of these boys. They would never hurt anyone on purpose thats not the type of people they were. The family and friends were not trying to say it wasn't there fault we are only trying to say they were good people and you have to put them down for making a mistake.

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Speed, wet roads, alcohol led to Tonganoxie men's deaths

Well considereing people can have a child at 13 or 14 and I am older than that considering I said I was good friends with both of them and they are 21. I am not trying to say that they were not in the wrong, they did make a mistake, I'm just sick of people posting things when I guarantee most of them have done the same exact thing before. And actually they did ask me to go with them that night so yeah I am thankful that I no one else got hurt, but you don't have to slam this two for doing something that pretty much everyone has done before in their life. Can you tell me that you have never drank and drove before and be honest.

Also to regina I have hydroplaned in lawrence before doing the speed limit so you are on K-10 thats not where Jake and Ben were when they wrecked Lawrence roads are uneven in places don't tell me they aren't because I lived in lawrence.

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Speed, alcohol blamed in fatal crash

Someone said something about drag racing being the word on the street and thats what I said could be a rumor read what I wrote again or don't reply to my posts

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Speed, wet roads, alcohol led to Tonganoxie men's deaths

see_what_u_can_do You are an idiot I think most people know what he JPTongie was saying when he said all his life he meant ever since he could drive. I think that drving a mustang for 7 years is not considered inexperienced.

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Speed, alcohol blamed in fatal crash

I guarantee many of you who are writing things on here have drank and drove before, you were just lucky enough to not hurt anyone or yourselves. Trust me Ben and Jakes friends have learned a lot from this. By the way no one knows for sure that they were racing I don't care what the word on the street is. Rumors get started you don't know if they were or not. Also, I guarantee when Jakes car starting spinning out of control he picked up a lot of speed, not saying he wasn't speeding to begin with. If he was racing with someone you would think they would have had enough balls to stop his car and make sure they were ok or at least give the police a statement, so maybe they weren't racing. Also until the blood alcohol level comes back lets not say he was drunk because in Kansas you can drink and drive if you are 21 and under .08. A witness has said that they talked to Jake when he left the Ranch and they he did not believe that Jake was drunk at all. No slurred speech or stumbling around. I'm just sick of people posting stuff without all the facts. Everyone makes mistakes no body is perfect, but as long as the mistake you make doesn't harm anyone else then no body talks about it. It's not fair to put these two down when so many others do the same thing. I guess as long as you're not caught doing something wrong then it's ok right?

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Vigil pays tribute to wreck victims

Thank you!!! See observer no one likes you and ever since I called you out with that question you haven't wrote back and now that everyone is making fun of you you all the sudden have nothing at all to say. It's about time you shut your mouth.

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Iowa Street wreck kills two Tonganoxie men

Ok nevermind I just saw Aubreys post up there I hadn't seen it before sorry

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