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McLouth student Justin Johnston shot, killed on school trip to Costa Rica; classmates returning to Kansas

sparrow: I had a friend die in a car accident and I got on here and read the mean things people say on here so my advise is to stop getting on here and reading these comments because this is what people do, they question things, they make comments to the story, etc. They aren't always the most appropriate comments but that is why it's a free country people can say what they want whether or not it hurts someones feelings or not. My condolences to you and everyone else who knew Justin.

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Tonganoxie man accidentally shoots himself while firing handgun in backyard

Pretty sure he had decided not to sign back up for the army from what I understand. He had only been out for like 6 months. I'm sure he saw a lot of messed up things in Iraq but everyone around here is so quick to judge, I guarantee if this was one of your family or friends it wouldn't be such a joke and you wouldn't appreciate all the comments being said about this young man. Some people really have no decency.

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Tonganoxie man accidentally shoots himself while firing handgun in backyard

For all of you that are making jokes out of this situation, this young man served our country and fought for all of you in Iraq. Show some respect. I for one hope he makes it. And to the person who says he didn't hit any vital organs. This young man is in intensive care and they aren't even sure if he will survive or not so yes it's serious.

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Speed, wet roads, alcohol led to Tonganoxie men's deaths

No that doesn't mean anything to me actually. I just have one question for you momma why do you keep getting on this site and posting things, you didn't know the victims. You are helping keep this thread open by posting on it over and over.

Allmine: I never once said momma was a bad person or anything even close to that. I only posted on here because I was friends with hese two boys and I am here to defend them and put facts on here when people are trying to say sh*t without being able to back up what they say. I just don't appreciate momma telling everyone to move on when it's not that easy after you lose two people who were close to you. I don't think she was trying to be mean I was just stating that she needs to watch what she says because some people won't take things the way she was meaning for them to come out.

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Speed, wet roads, alcohol led to Tonganoxie men's deaths

Mommaeffort I never said you have posted bad things I was simply stating that some people cannot just move on. Also, you are telling other people to move on, but you post on this site more than I do. I don't post on here that much. The only reason that I did today was because people were calling Ben's mom a liar and I felt that being friends with them that I should back up what she was saying. I'm sure Ben's mom knows more about the wreck and the alcohol levels than anyone else on here so to say she was lying is just stupid. Momma you frustrate me anyways because you post on so many forums and you probably know nothing about any of them. I'm starting to think you have nothing better to do with your time. So why don't you move on from this site since you didn't know these boys. I came back on here to see if anything had been posted about the toxology report or anything like that and Ben's mom posting on here backed up things I had tried to tell people before, so I am actually glad that I did get back on here.

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Speed, wet roads, alcohol led to Tonganoxie men's deaths

mommaeffortx2 I have noticed that you post on every single forum on the ljw website pretty much and if you haven't noticed no one gives a sh*t about your comments. Tell us to move on, who are you to tell me to move on after I have lost two good friends, yes I am dealing with the fact that I will never see them again and I try not to let it effect my everyday life. I get up go to work, go home, cook, do laundry, whatever else needs to be done, but that doesn't mean that I can just move on from this lose. I can only imagine how you think it is possible for these families to just move on. Did you know that Jake was an only child? Yes, he had step-sisters and brothers, but do you know what it's like to lose your only kid. I don't know what it's llike but I doubt his mom can just "move on". I know you are just trying to be nice or whatever and you haven't posted anything mean but don't get on here and tell people to just move on cuz it's really not that simple.

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Speed, wet roads, alcohol led to Tonganoxie men's deaths

If you people are going to post on other peoples posts make sure you read them correctly. I have also talked to Jakes mom and she has told me the same things that Bens mom is posting on here, so for you to sit here and call her a liar is outrageous. No mother would just get on here and lie about her sons death. And I also know for a fact that Ben and Jake were both donors, I have talked to many people who will verify Bens moms posts on them helping the families with their donations. And also it is hard for me to believe that they could smell alcohol on Ben and Jake when Ben supposedly didn't even go into the Ranch not only that, but MOST of the time if you smell alcohol on someone it's on the breath, if they had died how did the cop smell alcohol. As for you Mike Blur if you are 42 years old shouldn't you have something better to do then post on here as many times as you have. Do you have a family? If you do go spend time with them cuz you never know when something tradgic like this will happen to the people you love and care about, it would be sad to see something like this happen to you cuz I know what you would be thinking afterwards, "man I wish I would have spent more time with the people that I care about instead of posting on forums that I don't know anything about".

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Speed, wet roads, alcohol led to Tonganoxie men's deaths

I don't think that cash would fall out of a wallet though, thats kind of odd don't you think? Also I think it would be hard to be hanging out of a car window with your seatbelt on(not saying impossible saying very unlikely), which the police report did say both boys were wearing seatbelts. And people can say anything because I have talked to people that said they weren't drag racing against a truck, so who really knows if they were or not.

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Speed, wet roads, alcohol led to Tonganoxie men's deaths

Is the LJW ever going to publish anything else on this accident? Because I have also heard from many people that Jake was under the legal limit, but there are people on here who still want to say he was drunk and being stupid. I wish the LJW would publish the toxicology report to shut some of these people up. As a friend of Ben's he didn't ever go anywhere without his watch, that is a fact, I don't believe I have ever seen him without a nice watch on.

Also if Ben was seen five minutes before the crash with a great deal of money then I don't think that he had time to go to the Ranch and spend that much money, also the Ranch is not even by 21st street. So read the posts correctly before you respond to them.

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21-year-olds find law requiring license renewals a hassle

Yeah I had to get my license renewed when I turned 20 and now I have to get it renewed again when I turn 21 in a couple months which sucks cuz license are 20 something dollars. Plus the DMV hours suck cuz I work 9-6 Monday thru Friday and I work Saturdays I only have an hour for lunch and the DMV is 20 minutes away, then you have to wait in line (cuz there is almost always a line during lunch) and then drive back to work and try to find time to stop and get something to eat. It's just an inconvience all around.

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