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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Is LJW willing to help bring criminal charges if someone is threatened? This happened to one of my employees. They sent letters to me, telling me I should fire her, and this person even sent threatening letters to her home, so he had her address. LJW banned him, but I imagine he still reads this and tries other names. I do feel stifled not posting under my own name, but I have a business, and can't afford threats and repercussions from those with whom I disagree. By the way, my employee won't even post anonymously, since that incident. She spends her spare time working on her causes, instead of coming here. I showed her this article, and she said "Good luck with that."

I agree with PhilChiles about the civility. If you read CNN or Fox forums, the racist and sexist comments and the insults are just disgusting. This site is very calm compared to those sites.

I also do not consider this site free speech, because of the need to be anonymous, but one must protect oneself.

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Brownback administration drops federal grant program to help people apply for food stamps

Wow, I'm writing this on the calendar. I agree with IGWT.

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Letter: Not Kobach’s fault

The issue here is there are a lot of citizens who showed their documents at the DMV, but it didn't get to the state. Instead of doing his job, Kobach is just leaving it up to these people to make another effort at registering. You can argue that the glitch wasn't his fault, fine. But it is his paid-by-our-tax-dollars job to fix it. If he doesn't fix it, then it is his fault. His attempt to fix something that wasn't a problem has created problems. Just like Brownback's attempt to fix a health care management of the disabled problem that didn't exist created problems. But I'm sure some of their lawyer friends, and of course, the private sector "management" company will make lots of money from the Kansas taxpayers. That should make you tea party people thrilled.

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Letter: Not Kobach’s fault

It's in the constitution; it is a protected right.

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Letter: Hate speech

I took it as he hopes you are the next one who has to experience the tragedies that have been going on. Maybe that is a mean thing to say, but it's not hate speech. I've seen statements from your conservative friends that were a lot more threatening. But that's ok, isn't it? It's funny, those of us who are considered "liberal" will condemn what he said, but support his 1st amendment right. Yet what people "pray" that the president " "May his children be fatherless, may his wife be a widow.", then you just defend their 1st amendment rights, and never condemn what they say. Quit playing the victim card; you sound like a hypocrite.

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School finance case to have political consequences, experts say

Hopefully the courts can force these tea party lazy bums to do their real jobs, instead of the job that the Koch's hired them to do. They do not serve the people of Kansas; although that's who they are suppose to serve.

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Democrats sense a chance of defeating Republican Kobach in secretary of state's race

And then Kobach will for sure be gone. He can't be bothered to contact those in limbo and let them know. He is too busy writing legislation for ALEC and for other states.

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More than 1,100 furloughed because of federal government shutdown, state officials say

Only if Congress passes a bill to do so. They haven't done that yet, and I don't trust the tea party. As evidenced on this forum, they hate government workers anyway, and consider them lazy know nothings. Actually the billionaire supporters feel the same about all lowly workers. Didn't start your own business and become rich like them? Didn't get born into a family with money, so you had the capital to do that? You're just a peon.

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Kansas officials on new health exchange: Be patient

And all along this was a GOP plan which is working in Massachusetts. You don't want insurance, don't get it, but don't bum off of us.

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Kansas officials on new health exchange: Be patient

Exactly hillsandtrees, Not to mention some "private sector" company that ripped off Kansas taxpayers with their lousy software. But that's ok, because it was the "private sector". The tea party should be drummed out of the country. Let's find them a deserted island and let them kill each other off, because they don't like living in a society. They are selfish brats. My parent's generation built the infrastructure for them to drive their fancy cars. They funded their educations and paid for the research to find cures for diseases which were death sentences before. Now these wimpy, selfish crybabies don't want to pay any taxes, and want to shut down the government.

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