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KU relying more on revenue from tuition, fees

Yep, I'm back, baby. It is time for the state to belly up and pay.

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Home buyer program set for April 21

Anyone today buying a home is getting gamed by the banks, the real estate agents, and even the sellers. The whole business of real estate is slimy these days.

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Sick of taxes

Keep an eye on Linda Robinson. If you see her drinking coffee point out the hypocrisy of her statement. For that matter tea, soft drinks, and alcohol consumption should be pointed out too.

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Chamber transition

What do you bet the position, after an exhaustive search, will go to a well connected insider which will keep the status quo well in place privately, while at the same time promising a new era to the masses. Gee, I hope I am wrong. Chamber 1.0 for 50 years.

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Bills mailed for personal property tax

I got rid of an RV just to avoid this tax.

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Shelter to ask city for support

Can we just keep them in the Carnegie Library? We already are spending a million there. Oh wait, if we can tie this funding to the school district, it will pass easily. Of course, you won't be able to figure out where you vote.

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School tax election decision stands as approved

Lawrence is underwater in government employees. That is why a tax issue always passes that benefits, you guessed it, government workers. The only thing a non government worker can do is live somewhere else. The real reason there is no casino in Lawrence? The cards are always stacked. Next time you see a teacher, hide your wallet. When the kiddies come to the door asking you to buy something, tell them you are broke. And finally, if you know a teacher on your block, watch for a new car soon. Suck it up everyone, if you live here, you dance to the tune of the government workers.

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Lawrence Chamber CEO to step down

Prune, I respect your views. Any change at the Chamber should be watched carefully since this so call business advocacy group is really another arm of the government in Lawrence.

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Coach Self asks Jayhawk fans to celebrate safely

I will soak my toe in celebration.

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Final Four wager: Sebelius looks forward to North Carolina barbecue

Well, if Kansas wins, those folks in North Carolina better watch out if they use charcoal to cook with. Our Gov. will stamp that fire right out and declare it a CO-2 hazard! Oh, wait, that only happens if the fire is build in western Kansas. My bad.

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