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Sound Off: I am going to be out of state this winter and spring for work. I love following the Jayha

Go ahead, use this thing "called the Internet" (I'll add the "*scoff* dummy that's implied in your response) and search "watch KU basketball games online" "where can I listen to KU basketball online".

I'll wait. Done? Good. Notice none of the links mention watching 2012-13 games. Lots of links to the tournament games from last year, forum posts from 2008, and websites with "KU Basketball" in them to get search engine results. There's one link to WatchESPN, but KU basketball doesn't come up when you search the upcoming games.

So, probably best if no one does ask you a question; even your snide remarks are dead wrong.

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Early-morning fire destroys porch on East 18th Street

Except that, in typical uninformed ljword commenter fashion, you're blaming the students (and I'm surprised you didn't include Obama in that) for a fire at a house that is occupied by a family in their 30s.

But hey, family with kids, students, whatever; don't let anything like the truth shatter your "everyone but me is the problem" world-view.

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Update to labor laws could prevent youths from doing certain tasks

Oh, wait, nevermind. Continue on with the partisan warfare below. Since that kind of inflexible bickering is just what is needed.

Remember kids, it's not the way the system is constructed, it's who is charge - commie American hating liberals or jack booted fundy conservatives - and any problems can easily be blamed on one or the other (based on your preference). No need to think about changing anything.

Move along now.

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Update to labor laws could prevent youths from doing certain tasks

Wow, that's the first time I've seen a comment like that that doesn't blame Obama or "lie-berals" as if they invented the very concept of 'relax citizen and let the government take care of it' just four years ago.

Because no previous conservative administration ever, and especially not that of the True American Jesus (tm), Reagan, would dare imagine or allow a government designed to control, manipulate, and dictate to the populace

I grew up on a farm near Pomona and I think these restriction are ridiculous, but to paint this as "evil liberals are trying to destroy America despite the best effort of pure hearted conservative freedom fighters (who are really the victims here)" is ludicrous.

The government, of either wing, right, left, and even in the middle, has always told to the people, and believed, that it knows best and made laws to enforce that belief. That's what a government does (note: not what it should do).

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City may require businesses with special tax to post signs

"Staff members said adding a list of the special taxing districts to the city’s website could be done."

Ha. Don't strain yourself too much there.

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Machine failure blamed for knocking out KU website and e-mail; most service expected back tonight

Use Sunflower? That's like saying "Dang, the batteries in my remote have died, I knew I should have gotten DirectTV"

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The pronunciation’s the thing in KU staging of Shakespeare

I don't understand the accent use. In 15+ years I have yet to see a show in this area (professional or otherwise) where the accent (mostly due to inconsistency) adds to the show. If anything, it's far more distracting. Anyway, I hope this works better than Anna in the Tropics...Joooooo couldn't witness worse coooooban accents.

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Massive Internet traffic slows KU Hospital's electronic record system

@gccs14r - Spoken like a true Cisco guy... ;)

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City to gauge support for curbside recycling

After reading some of the comments posted whilst I typed, I want to add: This should not be about recycling good vs. recycling bad. The very word recycling carries connotations and associations with it (for example, count the number of times the names "hippies" or "treehuggers" are used) that emotionally define recycling. People feel passionately about it, which is good no matter what their take on it. But making a decision on the good/bad debate is thinking with your heart - not the wisest business decision.

The real question for Lawrencians is this: What do we gain as a community from a Mandatory Governmental recycling program? A higher water bill. What do we lose? The notion that a private enterprise can find a niche need and found a business to meet it. And money. Lots of our tax money.

The question is: Why the city? It's not like there isn't a recycling service (curbside or not) available. Let the city spend a limited budget on services that aren't otherwise available or privately feasible.

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City to gauge support for curbside recycling

Well, I'm one of the 362 that use Sunflower. It's great, regardless of my feelings about recycling (and btw, I don't care to hear about any of your slanted, dogmatic views on recycling - either way).

Why is it great? Well...for one, if I want to stop paying, I can. Second, it's nice to support a local small business and reward entrepreneurship instead of demanding it be swallowed up by an already bloated city service. Finally, why oh why should our city spend millions of dollars (we don't have) when there is already a cost-effective, private alternative? They can try to sell a mandatory $12 a month fee all they like, but that ignores the hidden and opportunity costs of a city initiative (but I guess we could always raise taxes to fix that); not to mention it pushes enterprising business owners like Chris out of business.

Oh, and I can't resist: Penn Jillette's BS, unbiased?! Hahahahaha! I know, I know, a heavily edited show where you're presented 'facts' in a vacuum and interviews designed to discredit anyone against the message has to be "fair and balanced" - I mean, the host (who is only doing the show out of pure magnanimous service to humanity), says it's true. The TV would never lie, right? Right?

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