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Lawrence officials hear concerns over Kasold Drive reconstruction; project faces slight delay

A lot of good points are being presented here but I see one area that has not been presented, at least I didn't see it, is the fact that the biggest problem with that section of Kasold that does need to be addressed is the drainage. Anyone who lives there, drives through there, or rides bike through there knows that during a storm or just heavy rainfall knows that both NB and SB right lanes turn into ponds! Dangerous for cars and bikes and of course any pedestrians will get soaked from the "rooster tails" thrown up from any vehicle going by!
I'm all for bike lanes and safe pedestrian walkways but I fear the infrastructure needs to be updated first! The other thing is that if a "Round About" is installed please make sure that any driver or cyclist can safely see through it and see incoming traffic!

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Douglas County approves revision of Hamm Eudora Quarry reclamation plan

"And portions of the road will be treated with a dust palliative to combat the issue. " Is this a safe/healthy answer?

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Cans for the Community sticking around despite new citywide recycling program

I also plan on keeping my cans for the Cans for the Community Project! I have donated since they started and seeing the post on the little blue houses they have regarding the funding they have donated back to the community is incredible! While the curbside program is convenient to most and hopefully will get more residents involved in recycling, I have to wonder how much revenue will be returned to Lawrence/Douglas County programs by the recycler? anyone have an answer ?

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Town Talk: Soup and sandwich shop opens near Clinton Parkway Hy-Vee; Meritrust Credit Union signs deal for new eastern Lawrence branch; city to host trash can recycling event Friday


When in the heck does the shape of a burger reflect upon your political beliefs? It's hard for me to believe that Wendy and Uncle Dave are communist subversives trying to bring about the downfall of the red, white, and blue!? White Castle might be another story altogether since they are steamed and not grilled American style!

I look forward to trying the Sandwich Bowl and reserve judgement until I do. From growing up in the Philly area my experience has shown me that anything called a "Philly" usually is not and that anything called a "cheesesteak" usually is close! Pepperjacks is close and for Lawrence it's pretty good but not a cheesesteak as I grew up with.

What is going into the building that is under construction on the northwest side of Wal-Mart on Iowa Street? I think you said Chipotle but have not seen any late news on this!?

Keep up the good work you do on keeping us nuts informed!

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City commission considering law requiring all special sales tax districts in Lawrence to post signs notifying shoppers of the higher sales tax rates

It seems to me that a sales tax should be the same within a political boundry. Period.

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City leaders taking heat from public for proposed tax increases

Everyone has good points here, and there is some value in most. One thing I would like to point out is that in the recent history of Lawrence and it's government is that it has discouraged outside business from coming into Lawrence as it would upset the local interest. This town is run from a business standpoint from a very few select individuals that own Mass St and other close by areas. Recently Lowes was rejected from building a center on 6th St., Olive Garden was refused a tax incentive for building on Iowa St. , Mars M&M was not given the proper incentives or attention from the Lawrence group to compete with Topeka. All of these businesses would of brought jobs to Lawrence, but because the local heirarchy wants to preserve their interest in the Mass. St. area they, the "new guys" were refused.
Personally, I would like a choice in home improvements and not have to go to KC or Topeka to spend my money. I also would like to visit an Olive Garden without going to KC or Topeka. I would love to see more industrial growth in the Lawrence area that M&M would of provided in the Lawrence area. Everytime that one of us and our familys go to KC or Topeka to spend our dollars is one time more that these dollars are not being spent in Lawrence. Now, we are hearing of yet another mill increase in our taxes, folks, why should we pay for the failures of our local government? Their interests are not of a healthy community. I am not going to point out individuals but I am going to point out you as a voter and hope that you will go to the ballots and make Lawrence the best place to live as it very well has the potential to be. Please consider this.

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City commission expected to receive grant to connect 23rd Street traffic signals with fiber-optic network

Are the desks manned 24/7? Great idea but who will be manning the cameras?

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Town Talk: Some developers wanting to use artificial turf for Lawrence landscapes; remake of former Boardwalk Apartment site nearly complete; city likely to win 23rd Street signal funding

What ever happened to the plans to reconstruct Kasold from by 6th street to Peterson??? Traffic has indreased dramatically here and the condition of the road is getting worse by the week!

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N. Korea says satellite launch coming 'soon'

One of two things here, either the US was under great pressure not to shoot down this missile or it didn't have the technology to do so. Either way, an opportunity to deliver a strong message to Mr. Lee was missed, not just by the Obama administration but by all countries involved in the "six way" talks. The message the world just delivered to Mr. Lee is that you can continue to do whatever you want. So sorry North Korens for letting you down once more.

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