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Gas prices in Lawrence consistently higher than Topeka; experts say less competitive market to blame

The Lawrence Rest Stop on I-70 is typically .10 to.20 lower than any station in Lawrence. No wonder there is a joke about the "Lawrence Cartel"!

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Local American Legion post makes efforts to modernize

Mr. Ballard,

Thank you for your service Sir, I would to have liked to have read more about what you did and when. My father is a vet of WWII and served in the Pacific Theater.

Thank you Sir!

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Kansas again faces possible loss of all federal arts funding

Thanks Gov, once again you embarrass Kansans. No wonder Kansas received a failing grade. It's time for you to retire to a third world country where you could live like a....well, peasant, like you're trying to make your citizens. Jerk! Kansas deserves better!

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Brownback: Kansas has 'good shot' at meeting revenue targets

Everyone sounds pretty united in the comments, and I also am concerned about our "Dear Leader" so ...are there any legal actions that can be taken or do we have to wait until the polls open up?
I was told that Sam got elected by the voters in "Rural Kansas" and I still haven't grasped that as I would think that most of Northeast Kansas would have cancelled those votes out.
Why didn't these folks elect the Rev. Fred Phelps instead? Wouldn't of been much different, both are embarrassing and bigoted. Kansas deserves much better!

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A Thousand Voices: Respondents opposed to Kobach's power to prosecute

I'm surprised that none of the usual commenters have let this pass!
Mr. Kobach's acquisition of the power to prosecute "illegal" voters is questionable via the law of the state and of the Constitution of the U.S.
There are only three cases that he can find??? Seems like he is missing the point of his job and the primary objectives of his job. Why am I paying him? It's not for "patrolling" voters but to be the Secretary of State for Kansas! Voter registration can be and has been performed by others at different levels, do your job Mr. Kobach.
Kansas is a beautiful state with many incredible views and areas, while I am not a native to this state I find it the most beautiful of those that I have lived in! I also find that the people, Kansans, are some of the most "at home" type of people I have ever met!
So, my question is this..."Why do you folks put up with the bigoted a**holes that you have elected??? Our Governor is as embarrassing to me as Westboro Baptist Church!
I know I will be slammed for this comment but if I made you think for just one moment then I have made my goal!
Be Responsible!

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Westar Energy to eliminate jobs in Lawrence, Tecumseh and Hutchinson

So, we are looking at yet another rate increase? Sorry for those EEs that are effected!

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A Thousand Voices: New poll shows strong support of four-lane Kasold Drive over two-lane 'road diet'

This subject seems to keep on going like the "Energizer Rabbit"!

I appreciate Mr. Heckler's opinion but I don't agree with it. At times Kasold does not have enough traffic to warrant two lanes but at peak times a single lane would surely not be enough. I live on Kasold and I see it every day! As I have commented before, the main problem with this section of Kasold is not that there are no bike lanes (but should) but the problem is that there is not enough drainage! Anyone who drives/walks/rides this section after or during a heavy rain knows that cars can throw out "rooster tails" and can be prone to hydro-planing" which puts everyone at risk.
I am not against any "round abouts" either...they work, it is just that some of them in Lawrence are designed in a way that they block the incoming traffic views of other incoming traffic. For emergency vehicles, a four way is probably safer?
Again, I appreciate Mr. Heckler for stating his views and I wish he would run for Mayor or Governor since he is so acute to finances...we need him!

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Lawrence officials hear concerns over Kasold Drive reconstruction; project faces slight delay

A lot of good points are being presented here but I see one area that has not been presented, at least I didn't see it, is the fact that the biggest problem with that section of Kasold that does need to be addressed is the drainage. Anyone who lives there, drives through there, or rides bike through there knows that during a storm or just heavy rainfall knows that both NB and SB right lanes turn into ponds! Dangerous for cars and bikes and of course any pedestrians will get soaked from the "rooster tails" thrown up from any vehicle going by!
I'm all for bike lanes and safe pedestrian walkways but I fear the infrastructure needs to be updated first! The other thing is that if a "Round About" is installed please make sure that any driver or cyclist can safely see through it and see incoming traffic!

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Douglas County approves revision of Hamm Eudora Quarry reclamation plan

"And portions of the road will be treated with a dust palliative to combat the issue. " Is this a safe/healthy answer?

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Cans for the Community sticking around despite new citywide recycling program

I also plan on keeping my cans for the Cans for the Community Project! I have donated since they started and seeing the post on the little blue houses they have regarding the funding they have donated back to the community is incredible! While the curbside program is convenient to most and hopefully will get more residents involved in recycling, I have to wonder how much revenue will be returned to Lawrence/Douglas County programs by the recycler? anyone have an answer ?

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