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Sunset Hill principal to resign

Chris Bay is a tremendous human being, and his true desire to care for all who enter his life is the key to his success as a principal. There are no words that can truly convey the sense of loss and sadness that his leaving will mean for all of us who have been privileged to work with him. But, he is truly following a passion and one that he believes will allow him to really help others in a new way. I see that some commenters have included speculation on why he is leaving, but if you really knew Chris Bay you'd know that he'd never leave because the road got tough - in fact that would only strengthen his resolve to dig-in and look for solutions. He loves his school, his community, his district and has only ever shared positive thoughts on where things are headed. This has been a tough decision for him and his family, and now that it has been made, we can all just wish him all the very best and blessings at every turn. Thanks for everything, Mr. Bay - we will never forget you!

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Vida Flory, left, greets Hazel Edgecomb in the early morning on the Beeghley farm south of Lawrence.

Hello!This picture is actually a picture of Vida Flory and Ethel Wagner, 96, of Garnett, KS. I believe the name of the OGB church of which Ethel Wagner is a member is Cedar Creek. Hazel Edgecomb is her sister.~Therese Brink EdgecombGrandaughter-in-law of Hazel Edgecomb

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