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Statehouse Live: Kansas economy recovering, economist says

It's very simple. The so-called experts won't have to tell us a thing when the economy REALLY recovers. We will all be too busy WORKING to care what they say. That day, apparently, is still a long way off.

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Faith at work: Area business owners find success mixing spirituality into brand

I've worked for Lonnie & Joyce for three years. They never preach anything to their employees except The Golden Rule. They expect us to treat each customer with the care, honesty, and respect we would expect for ourselves.

Also, I notice, on a regular basis, that the people who spew vitriol about most everything in this publication are always "anonymous". At least my employers have the courage to put themselves out there. By the way, all of you "anons" out there, I am Tom Langas and I am proud to say I work for the Blackburns at Academy Cars.

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Army Reservists visit Sunflower students

Hey,hey!! Calm down kids! I got censored for NOT calling someone a complete idiot! Can't we just agree to disagree? Can't we all just get along? This was fun. We'll do it again real soon. Again, don't worry, you little leftist anarchists, the REAL adults will be on the wall tonight, standing their posts, just like every night since 1776.

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Army Reservists visit Sunflower students

Oh, Ike, you silly boy, SOMEONE has to get violent to make sure the wimps of the world still have a place to whine!

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Army Reservists visit Sunflower students

You're right, Bozo (real name?) I should have called you what you are, a spoiled American who thinks freedom is free. An uninformed citizen who thinks the whole world is our friend and that militaries are not necessary. You sound like an elitist, so perhaps you have a history book, or two, around the loft. If so, referrence the fact that every free society only became free by force and it remains free because its citizens remain willing to die to keep their freedom. Don't worry Bozo, our Army reservists and our active forces will continue to fight for your right to say whatever you want to, whenever you want to say it. They leave the rhetoric to unarmed "Bozos" like you and me. (I am sorry that you thought the previous insult was a "schoolyard taunt", your school must have had a REALLY boring schoolyard.)

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Army Reservists visit Sunflower students

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