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Tom Keegan: Golf Channel candor great for the game

Mark Twain: "Always tell the truth. That way you don't have to remember what you said." My father's favorite quote.

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Tom Keegan: Punter Bucky Scribner remembered for strength of left foot and character

Thanks for the kind words, Kristy. His friends were so sad to lose him and so happy to talk about him. Please pass along my sympathies to the Wempes, Swearingens and Scribners.

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Manziel is first freshman Heisman Trophy winner

He redshirted last season, so academically he's a sophomore.

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KU athletic director interested to see what new Big 12 university is doing

Straightfoward, I heard about what West Virginia was doing and thought I'd call the AD and see how the change is going. After he told me that incidents were down and revenue up, I figured I would check to see to what degree Zenger is looking at it. You're correct in saying it's not something Zenger has considered yet. As far as the timing, I just figured it's better to be pro-active and get in front of the story, see if KU is one of the schools considering making this interesting policy change. Today's the last day of the home football schedule, so I figured the timing made sense. Thanks. -- Tom

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Near a state title, Free State coach has past and present on his mind

Thanks, Beatnik. Maynard G. Krebs was one of my all-time favorite TV characters. Like, know what I mean? -- Tom

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Near a state title, Free State coach has past and present on his mind

Otto, Thanks for pointing out my unfortunate omission of Bill Freeman in this story. Here's what Coach Lisher told me about Coach Freeman. "I was so fortunate to have such good mentors like Ralph Wedd and Bill Freeman. I've been quail hunting with Bill Freeman many times. He could still outwalk me. Great energy."
Mel Lisher Jr. expressed gratitude to Coach Freeman for getting his brother involved in coaching right away after Bob's sixth knee surgery ended his career. He said he thinks Freeman was thinking that being involved in the game as a coach would help his brother get over the disappointment of not being able to play anymore.
I tend to wake up at 3 or 4 a.m. for a quick break, and through the years, when I do, if I've made a mistake or an omission in a story, it pops into my head. Bill Freeman popped into my head in the middle of last night. When I was covering baseball, a couple of times I realized I forgot that meaningless ninth-inning run. The copy editors always caught that and put the right score in my story. A few other times, I had the wrong day. On one long, hot August road trip, three consecutive nights were Wednesday.
Thanks again for bringing attention to Coach Freeman, Otto. Come say hello if you're at the game tonight. I'll try to get the score and the day right. It is Friday, right? -- Tom

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(Almost) Mr. 300: Justin Walthall barely misses perfection; Free State sweeps LHS at Royal Crest Lanes

We run the series of all the bowlers in the results. That's where it is in the paper.

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GameDay Cram Session: Nebraska

Hawkman is the most underrated Super Hero of his or anyone's time. Way cooler than Spider Man.

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National Geographic memories

Just before the house we all grew up in was sold, I was the last of the 10 children to see it and it was completely empty with the exception of about 150 National Geographic magazines sitting in the middle of the basement floor. Nobody could bear to throw them out. So I took them all up the high school all 10 of us graduated from and donated them to the library.

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