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Starting Friday, expect delays for westbound traffic on 23rd Street between Haskell and Learnard

Gee, a delay on 23rd street. What will we do? 23rd is backed up most of the day anyway. You think anyone will notice the lane closure.


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Voting strategy

Liberal democrats are the most paranoid people on the planet. Yea, the solution is to allow illegals to vote. That makes a lot of sense. Let's let the people that are a drain on the failing economic system vote in their meal tickets. It doesn't make any sense at all. Voter registration is quite simple if you are actually a person who can legally vote.

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SLT opponents appeal federal court ruling

Wasn't the expansion of the wetlands supposed to be a compromise for the environmental folks? What's the problem now? It was determined years ago that there is nothing "Sacred" about the property. BUILD THE ROAD and let's be done with it. This has been going on for 25 years. Think how less expensive the road would have cost 20 years ago.

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Kobach challenging in-state tuition rates for undocumented students

Why is it that Lawrence liberals think that anyone who thinks differently then they do is an "idiot"? It appears to me that your ignorance is showing when the best you can do to make your argument is stoop to name calling.

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Former endowment leader dies at 66

I knew and worked with Mr. Martin for years. What an amazing man, devoted to his family and his carreer. In every aspect of your life, it is better to give more than you receive. Jim Martin did this and more. He served his community and the University of Kansas and should be honored as one of the greats. We will miss you Jim.

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Which Jayhawk was most vital in the overtime period of KU's 81-79 victory over Kansas State?

Sherron made the "shot" but Cole was in there for the entire overtime putting KU in a position to be able to win it. Cole is a presence player. He had 4 fouls going into overtime, didn't foul out and still played great defense. He definitely was my MVP.

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New wetlands taking shape

What a huge waste of good farm land.

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Issue of faith

If so many of you believe that the Bible is a "work of fiction", then why are you so defensive in response to someone who has faith to believe in a biblical belief. It always amazes me that so many are so quick to be critical of a person voicing a biblical belief. Could it be that they are truly people of faith and they don't want to be confronted by a truth that could be different then their belief.Being confronted by truth will always make a person defensive and uncomfortable if they are living in a lie.

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Issue of faith

Right On, Carl! A straight-forward simple answer to a complex question that is currently on the hearts of men and women. The gospel of Jesus Christ is honest and simple. Why do religious leaders feel they have to complicate the truth? I suppose that is a question for another day.

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Jayhawk fans seeing Orange

I too found Mr. Parker's comments to be unnecessary. The article isn't even about football. Why do we need to beat somebody when they are down? The argument of, "they do it so why shouldn't we" is childish. I enjoy college football as much as the next guy, but come on people let's keep it in perspective.

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