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Public split on plans for new rec center

This needs be voted on by the citizens of Lawrence. The costs involved are HUGE, and there is obviously a lot of division about this.

I do not think I would be likely to use this expensive facility, and I would deeply resent it if the commission just went ahead and did this and stuck us all with the bill without letting people vote on it properly.

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GOP colleagues: Yoder's nude swim breaches trust

At best the incident makes Yoder look silly and irresponsible. I didn't vote for him, and he sure doesn't represent me in D.C.. If this makes people who did vote for him think twice about re-electing him, I think that's a good thing.

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GOP seeks to make state model for nation

The fallout will really start when the state is unable to balance the budget due to Brownwhack's massive tax cuts for businesses, and starts to make deeper cuts to education, social services, state prisons, highways, etc.

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GOP seeks to make state model for nation

Kansas is well on its way to becoming a model, all right--a model for "Government by the Rich, For the Rich." The Kochs and their wealthy buddies whose incomes place them in the top of the food chain have pretty much POWNed the Kansas Legislature, and they are going to use that power to insure that they make as much $$$ as possible for themselves, pay NO taxes, do away with all government regulation that might stand in their way. They don't care about any "values" except the value of their own bottom lines. Those of us who are part of the 99% (including conservatives) are basically going to get screwed.

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Police respond to fireworks calls during the overnight hours

Somebody over on Kentucky or Tennessee came home from the bars Thursday night and decided to set off some big firecrackers. One at a time, at 10 or 15 minute intervals, over a period of an hour our so. The Fourth is over, folks. Give it a rest, OK?

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Kansas urging caution with fireworks amid drought

The pyromaniac denizens of Oread were shooting off fireworks sporadically all last night. This morning as I was watering in advance of today's inevitable artillery barrage, I heard a string of firecrackers going off somewhere west of 14th and Vermont. That was before 6 AM. I hope the culprit's neighbors had some choice words with him. (Unless of course they were in on it).

All quiet now, as the miscreants are getting their beauty sleep. Doubtlessly they will re-emerge in the afternoon to fire up the grills, broach the kegs, and begin the main assault, which will likely continue through the weekend, especially during the wee hours, just a bang or two per hour to make sure no one gets any rest.

Just another Happy Fourth in Lawrence. I hope no one's house burns down. Especially mine.

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$42 million Lawrence police facility and staffing needs could require both sales and property tax increases

Increasing sales and property taxes will only force MORE residents to shop (and live) elsewhere. Plus, we are already looking at the prospect of higher sales and property taxes to plug the holes in the state budget that Brownwhack's insane tax cut bill is going to create over the next few years. These local tax increases will be piled on TOP of those. This is a really stupid idea. March on city hall, anyone?

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Program to help with sidewalk repairs


Where was this program when I needed it? Several years ago a "sidewalk vigilante" ratted out half our block (may they rot, or better yet, have someone rat YOU out). I ended up paying a pile of $$$ to replace my walk, $$$ I could ill afford. I spoke with the mayor and a city commissioner and Dave Corliss and his minions to see if I could get any help with the cost. All I got were excuses, empty promises, and threat letters from the city. My tax dollars at work--NOT. I'm glad that now someone will get some help with their sidewalk repairs, but I wish it would have come sooner so I could have benefited from it.

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Kan. lawmakers unable to find smaller tax cut plan

Just wait for it. Lawrence liberals are not the only ones who will suffer from this deficit-creating piece of folly. In a year or so, it will become painfully apparent that the massive job creation Brownwhack promised is not happening because most of his buddies have just pocketed the lovely windfall he and the conservative legislature generously handed them with no strings attached. Then we will ALL be paying for Brownwhack's big gamble in some way, liberals and conservatives alike. There will be plenty of pain to go around.

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Brownback says tax cuts will help the economy; critics say it will damage Kansas

This is insanity! I thought that it was illegal to pass legislation in Kansas that would create a deficit. What happened to the Pay As You Go rule? Why can Brownwhack and Company ignore the very rule the Repugnicans themselves created? This proposed tax cut legislation does not guarantee that jobs will be created by cutting taxes, because it does not include any requirements that the businesses that receive tax cuts use them to create jobs. Brownwhack is flat-out lying to people if he promises them these tax cuts will create jobs and/or increase state revenues to pay for the tax cuts. The only things that are certain is that this bill will create a deficit that will have to be filled with HUGE budget cuts or property tax increases, the rich will get richer (because that's the whole point of the legislation, of course), and the rest of us will pay for it one way or another.

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