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Americans for Prosperity calling on legislators to sign anti-tax pledge

I think voters should call on their legislators to sign a pledge to serve ALL of their constituents, not just the AFP, which is mostly concerned with lining its own pockets.

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Car accident damages utility pole, blocks traffic, in 1500 block of Tennessee Street

I guess that explains why my power went out in the middle of the night--I doubt that mine was the only residence left without light and heat for two hours. This is the 2nd time in recent history that some moron hit a utility pole in the Oread neighborhood. The city ought to make the cretins behind the wheel pay dearly for the utility pole damage on top of whatever other charges they can slap them with.

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Kansas Chamber to seek pensions debate

Just further proof of who is really in charge of KS government now. Not Brownwhack, not even his ultra-conservative legislators, but the wealthy businessmen who OWN them, and through them, own KS, just like they planned. Just brilliant.

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Brownback's budget office recommends funding cut to higher education

These proposed deep budget cuts to universities will result in layoffs, and support staff, rather than faculty, will likely bear the brunt of this. I seriously doubt that Brownwhack's income tax cuts will encourage the Kansas business owners who receive them to create enough jobs to take care of the unemployment caused by huge budget cuts to higher ed. They will simply pocket the cash, and there will be more people on unemployment and in need of public assistance in Kansas. And these unemployed people will certainly not have much money to spend on goods and services, so local businesses will make less. How is that going to help Kansas business?

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Court hearing granted in "birther" challenge to Obama's place on the Kansas ballot

(Eye roll)

Just another day in BrownWHACKistan....

It would be funny if it wasn't so utterly pathetic. If these imbeciles truly want to waste their own time and money pursuing a frivolous lawsuit, it's their right and privilege to do so, but I resent the fact that they are wasting the Kansas court's time, not to mention making this state even more of a laughingstock than it already is. I hope that this suit is swiftly dismissed, and that they end up having to pay all court costs.

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Where would you want to go to retire?

Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Kansas plan

Unfortunately, Brownwhack obviously believes his first responsibility is to the Koch brothers, who have bought and paid for his loyalty. The State of Kansas and the people who live here are of no importance to him whatsoever. His choice is clear to him, all right, and he will choose to follow the orders of his masters.

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