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New report: Kansas highway system No. 2 in nation

It's because the LJ World Online has sold its users out to Google, and won't let you read the story unless you do the survey. See the story here: http://www2.ljworld.com/about_surveys/

It's very annoying. If you find it so, be sure and call to complain. They have disabled comments on the story about the surveys.

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WOW to begin work later this month on upgrade to boost Internet speeds in city

I've noticed recently that on WOW cable The Weather Channel often pixilates and black-screens badly when there is some sort of severe weather threatening Douglas County. This is a serious problem, considering that the main reason people watch TWC is to find out if a tornado or grapefruit size hail is about to hit their neighborhood. I've resorted to watching only KC and Topeka stations to get weather coverage during storms. What's odd is that the Weather Channel problems always clear up when the weather does. What's up with that?

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Republicans approve tax, appropriations bills to conclude legislative session

Some of those working and middle class conservatives who voted for Brownwhack and these conservative legislators are probably kicking themselves right now, because they are going to be paying for that mistake big time, through higher taxes. Meanwhile the Kochs are laughing all the way to the bank.

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Brownback, Gray-Little say stable state funding important to KU's efforts to improve

Brownback signed the tax cut bill knowing full well that the legislature had not identified any way to pay for it. He is ultimately responsible for creating the state's current budget shortfall, and he knows it, no matter how much he postures for the cameras and says he supports education. The man is a total hypocrite.

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Capitol Report: Higher education cuts, pension changes, proof of citizenship

The salary cap would certainly affect all faculty and staff whose salaries are paid by the state, but faculty and university professional staff (unclassified) have TIAA-CREF for retirement, not KPERS. Changes to KPERS would affect only university support staff (formerly State of Kansas classified employees).

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Half Price Books to close Lawrence store in coming months

Well, RATS. I really hate to see this happen. I go to Half-Price all the time for used and new books, cds and videos--it is so convenient to be able to browse for all three in one place. I can always find something good every time I go in, and I will really miss them! I like Dusty, too, and I go there often, but it is harder to find what I want, plus they don't carry any media items. I will really miss Half-Price, and I'm sorry they didn't get enough business to keep them here.

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City gives more thought to whether glass ought to be included in proposed curbside recycling program

They don't specify whether they mean paper or foam egg cartons. But both types should be recyclable.

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City gives more thought to whether glass ought to be included in proposed curbside recycling program

I wash recyclable food containers, even the cans, when I do the dishes. It doesn't really use any more water to do that. Plus, since I have these things sitting around in my basement for awhile until I take them off to recycle, I don't want any food particles left in them to attract bugs. I know that probably sounds obsessive, but it's really practical.

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City gives more thought to whether glass ought to be included in proposed curbside recycling program

Deffenbaugh has this huge list of things they will not accept which really should be recyclable. Among other things, they will not take egg cartons, foil, plastic bags, shredded paper, medicine or vitamin bottles, and construction paper. It's all listed on their website here: http://deffenbaughinc.com/sites/defau...

If I have to pay the city every month for recycling pickups I would like a recycler that accepts the widest range of recyclables, so I don't have to make special trips to recycle stuff like egg cartons and foil.

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City to begin enforcing ordinance requiring sidewalks to be cleared of snow at 8 a.m. Thursday

This snow was tough to remove, even though it wasn't deep because it fell on New Years, and there was a lot of foot traffic in the evening while it was still coming down. Whenever the snow is packed down on my walk before I can shovel it, I use a garden shovel that has a straight edge on the bottom--I think it may be a sod shovel. It does a better job than a snow shovel for removing packed snow, and you can also use it to tap on the icy footprints and break them up. Sweeping after using the shovel helps clear things further. If you remove most of the packed snow, the sun will heat up the walk even if it's not above freezing outside, and the remaining icy bits that you can't get off with the shovel will usually melt and evaporate.

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