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Roberts, Moran vote for bill avoiding fiscal cliff; Jenkins, Yoder, Pompeo, Huelskamp vote against it

The representatives you reference almost certainly already knew which way the vote was going before they cast their votes. The "no" votes were very likely intended to be statements on the broader policy - the need to address the debt rather than continuing to kick the fiscal "can" down the road - rather than the irresponsible decisions you characterize them as. Regarding the broader policy question, I think a lot of people agree the debt is a problem. It now exceeds the size of our economy, judged by gross domestic product, and each U.S. citizen (yes, children and other non-working folks included) owes more than the average U.S. salary. A bit of an elephant in the room problem that keeps getting downplayed by the old hide-the-ball game; just when the average citizen is concerned about the problem, people of a certain political persuasion just point to the people that will be harmed by spending cuts and the political will to cut into the debt (or reduce the deficit) dissipates. Posts like this don't help either

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