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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

Cops don't care about the guy who follows the rules and has a permit - they care about the guy who doesn't follow the laws and doesn't have a permit. If anything, they can be a little relaxed around people with a permit because they know permit holders have at least a basic level of respect for the law.

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

This bill doesn't take away the school's ability to create that rule - they can still have a no-weapons policy for students and discipline students caught carrying. They can still kick students out for carrying if that's their policy.

What it does is make it not a "gun crime" to carry in buildings on campus that don't have adequate security provided.

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

Read the book "More Guns, Less Crime" by John Lott. He set out to write a book proving that sounds crazy but ended up telling the opposite story.

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Should Kansas's concealed carry law be extended to knives?

Correct - assisted openers under 4 inches that look like "ordinary pocket knives" are already legal. The proposed bill just removes some confusing language about "not-ordinary" knives.

Specifically there is some weirdness in the law related to fixed blade knives. I can clearly, legally carry a 4" assisted opener but it's not clear that a 1" fixed blade concealed in my pocket is legal.

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Lawmakers won’t review concealed carry for blind

There are a lot of people that are "legally blind" that see well enough to shoot someone that is assaulting them.

It's hard to write a law that denies people with complete Hellen Keller blindness the ability to carry a gun but doesn't let a "legally blind" old lady in a wheelchair defend herself.

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Kansas now recognizes West Virginia gun permits

Random crime is exactly that, random. Most people with carry permits are even *more* mindful of staying away from trouble when they're carrying, not less.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts sometimes trouble finds you. I don't think anybody that was present for any highly-publicized shooting at a mall thought they were going anywhere that they'd need a gun, but trouble came their way.

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Men who live in structures attached to vehicles relish freedom, not paying rent

I'm guessing by the time my leftovers made it to the starving kids in Africa, they'd be far too rotten for them to eat.

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Is it appropriate for employers to evaluate an applicant's social media?

I didn't say anything about felons owning gun, I asked about non-felons with guns in their profile pictures.

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Is it appropriate for employers to evaluate an applicant's social media?

What if that person isn't a convicted felon, but they posed with a gun because they're a successful competitive shooter and proud of that success?

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Event draws more than 600 to debate atheism

Tribal people in the modern world "witness" all kinds of crazy things that are handily disproven by an observer with a modern science education. I'm guessing if someone with a modern education witnessed biblical events that would be equally easy to disprove.

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