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KDOT commits $192 million to complete South Lawrence Trafficway

Do any of you tree huggers realize that 99% of ALL the animal life that has ever been on Earth is extinct! LIfe will always find a way. The argument over possible damage to the plant/animal life is ridiculous!

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Bishop Seabury Academy graduate Jack Hoffman hugs headmaster Don Schawang at the school's graduation

I attended today's ceremony out of curiosity. I had heard about Bishop's commencement proceedings and went there today to see it with my own two eyes, and I'm glad I did. Teachers hugging students, students hugging classmates and a Headmaster who sat tall and proud. I don't want to get into a debate or a contest between Bishop and the public schools about which is better. I think each child needs to find the right school for himself. But with that being said I will say that I got the impression that every child at Bishop has found the Right school for them and that school is Bishop. The sense of Family of this school is overwhelming. No locks on the school lockers and older students hugging and welcoming their younger peers was fun to watch. Bishop gets a hard wrap sometimes as being the 'rich kids school' but let me tell you the wealth of this school has NOTHING to do with money! I would like to congratulate all of today's graduating Seniors. The world is better with you in it.

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City hears ideas for improving downtown Lawrence

All of you, including the shop owners, can't see the forest thru the trees. You look at trolleys, side-walk cafes, and biking paths to be your answer, but you fail to recognize the problem. The problem is running your business like it's a hobby. You open late and close early. You fail to meet the needs of your customers. I haven't shopped downtown for years because I couldn't work your hours into my schedule. You expected me to change my behavior to accommodate you. Well guess what? I simply choose to shop elsewhere with retailers who were conducive to my needs. South Iowa or at times the Internet get my business. Downtown has become a place for me to visit when guests are in town.

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City hears ideas for improving downtown Lawrence

Right! And let's fine the shopper who's walking around with cash in their pocket enticing the muggers! The guy driving his car downtown should get jail time for enticing the car thief.

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EN Engineering leaving Lawrence for Olathe after failure to reach deal

Ain't that the truth! Tom Kerr go put on an apron and start serving food at your next luncheon. I have never seen such false posturing in my life.

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Lawrence City Commissioners debate using tax incentives for retail expansion

Amounts to nothing more than hidden taxes. I want NO part of this! I absolutely refuse to shop at Bauer Farms. Elected officials you have been elected to vote in accordance with your constituency, and the overwhelming attitude is NOT to do promote or even allow these hidden thieves. Vote NO!

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Police department requests $1.2 million funding increase to create more positions

Totally agree with Penny above. Do the cops think they are invisible while they sit and chat with fellow officers for hours? Do they not realize that every car that drives by is driven by someone who pays their salary? Hey Khatib I have an idea for you: Train the officers you have now! Most of us have cameras on our phones now, so expect time dated photos coming your way illustrating the 'relax' attitude of the police force. Stop asking for more. Do like the rest of us and get by with less. Expect more of your men. Expect more of yourself.

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Judge plans to sentence former KU athletic department employees Brandon Simmons, Jason Jeffries to two years of probation

Friendly: how dare you write such filth! Thank God we have the editors to block such garbage that you spill. In todays world you need to be more PC. The last thing we need to do is hurt the feelings of these crooks. I've had plenty of my opinions taken down or violating the 'you hurt my feelings' clause as well.
The two mentioned in this story didn't stop their actions because they were repentant. NO. They got CAUGHT! That's why they stopped. All of them would still be ripping us off if it weren't for scumbag, I mean, Mr Freeman rolling over on the whole scam.
Now let's all hold hands and pray!

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Kansas Senate committee endorses liquor sales bill

Rabbit: Yes I have tried Two Buck Chuck. It is very comparable to any one of the cheaper 1.5 liter bottles that sell off the bottom shelf of most liquor stores. Charles Shaw is owned by Bronco Wine Company headed by Fred Franzia. The same Franzia as the 5.0 liter box wine we are all so familiar with. Has it ever crossed your mind that Two Buck Chuck is simply the same Franzia juice as the box wine only put into a bottle and cork finished? I have actually performed that test with a small group of friends. We tried 5.0 Liter Franzia box Chardonnay N.V. against the 2007 Charles Shaw Chardonnay. Awfully close I tell you. The same wine? Maybe? Funny, of the 6 people in the taste test 3 preferred the Franzia over the 2buckchuck.

And exactly what is your point on the majority of wines being "produced"? The majority of wines 'produced' are made by huge corporations like Gallo, Franzia, Almaden, Ingelnook and others. I understand how the industry works, and if you think Trader Joe's actually makes, or produces their wine you are wrong. It's made by Bronco at one of their wineries which, by the way, is NOT open to the public. I worked for a while for a large corporation, and I was in charge of having 1000 cases of wine made with our company logo to be given away as Christmas presents. I understand completely the laws concerning wine production, vintage dating, AVA usage, varietal designation, and labeling.
Many wineries 'custom crush' for 'gourmet finishers'. ALL custom crushing is done at the respective winery, and never at the 'gourmet finishers' location. Period. If you think Trader Joe's has their own winery then you are wrong again.
The 'state store' point makes absolutely no sense to me at all, so I can't respond to it.

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Kansas Senate committee endorses liquor sales bill

Exhawktown you have nailed it perfectly. The rules got changed mid-game, and not by a little, but by a lot!
Bookemdano you are right in that in other communities exist with the same liquor laws as are being proposed in Kansas. In other communities, both independents and corporate chains exist side by side. It may work here too, but the landscape will change dramatically. The big stores will close or at least condense dramatically to reduce overhead. In doing so their inventory will have to shrink as well. The City Wine Market opened several months ago out west by Free State high school. They are a small operation handling mostly wine with a very small beer and liquor section. Total size of that store I'm going to guess is 2,000 sq ft where Cork&Barrel is probably at least 10,000 square feet. And their respective inventories reflect the size discrepancies.
As I said earlier in another post it's all a numbers game. The problem, or charm, of Lawrence is that half of our population is made up of 18-23 year olds who don't care about fine wine or exotic beers. And the remaining population isn't big enough to support the bigger independents.

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