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Overland Park approves carrying weapons in public

I wondered the same thing. The wording of the statute has either been incompletely reported, or fails to take into account the configuration of a majority of the firearms being carried for self-defense today. Modern semi-automatic pistols typically have multiple safeties, but often none which can be manually engaged. Revolvers have inherent safety built into the design, but again, no manually engaged safety. Now, whether the legislators or the reporters, or both, are demonstrating their lack of understanding of firearms... time will tell, I suppose.

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Achievement gaps persist in Lawrence schools

How DARE able-bodied, intelligent, "advantaged" children continue to outperform their less fortunate counterparts? All children must be able to run a 47-minute mile and read "Run Spot Run" by the time they graduate high school. And NOT ONE IOTA MORE. That's only fair. Now we just need to convince the rest of the world that a race to the bottom is in their best interests... Wouldn't it be easier if we just stopped measuring the effectiveness of education altogether?

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Competition to find Earhart hot after 75 years

Oh. They're trying to find her. I thought they were trying to find her hot. Either way, I'd give up.

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Longtime Lone Star anglers find peace in quiet

Between "monitoring three fishing poles" and "guards a red cooler filled with the day's bounty" it does seem like this reporter is insinuating something...

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Report provides details on trash carts

This is incredibly premature. The city has yet to commission an independent analysis of the potential emotional impact on raccoons and possums. If my tax dollars are going to be squandered on trash carts, I feel we should be properly insulated against the legal challenges that will doubtless be brought on behalf of savenging rodents.

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Janitor uses mop to stop theft from Lawrence grocery store

Beat me to it! Now I have to try to concoct a Stanley Spadowski tie-in.

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N.C. most devastated of storm-stricken states

Was it called Askewville before the storms?

April 21, 2011 at 11:47 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

25 years ago: Police chase vehicle through south side of town

Drinking while intoxicated... been guilty (though not convicted) of that a time or two myself.

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