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Advocates for undocumented immigrants urge rejection of bills

Advocates of proof-of-citizenship legislation urge rejection of Guillermos.

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House committee approves bill that supporters say will protect Kansas gun rights

Too long have we endured oppression at the hands of the American tyrants. Finally Kansas shall rise up to claim its rightful place as a bastion of enlightenment and liberty. Hail Victory!


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One man arrested, second still at large in manhunt near East 2400 Road and K-10

"possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, theft, criminal damage to property and criminal possession of a firearm by a felon." Between 12:30 and 2:30 he couldn't find time to ditch his gun, his dope, and his paraphernalia? Kids these days really are getting lazy.

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Rule changes on how many unrelated people can live in a house up for discussion at City Hall

Technicalities cut both ways. I'd gladly trade the dozen or so (apparently) related people living in the house across the street for four unrelated college kids.

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Lawrence man charged with assault for Saturday incident involving a knife

Littering AND... Littering AND...

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Kansas Statehouse's ‘Big Three’ tied to controversial council

'Kansas' is not plural. 'Kansas's' is the possessive form.

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City commissioners split on proposed roundabout at Ninth and New Hampshire

Roundabout at 9th & NH a good idea? HELL NO. That's not an opinion. That's a fact.

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Overland Park considers restricting open carry

If they hadn't drawn all this attention to the issue by passing an ordinance "granting" citizens a right that they already had, then the OP city council wouldn't be in this position. It seems that they are also drawing attention to the fact that being elected doesn't imply any qualification to perform the duties of the office, or familliarity with the law. I agree with Mr. McIntosh that they just need to let this subside, rather than boldly blundering on.

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Overland Park approves carrying weapons in public

I think some people misunderstand this event. Overland Park is not granting anyone a new right. They are RESTRICTING the existing right to openly carry in Kansas, by requiring that the gun be in a holster and have a safety engaged. In most places in Kansas (including most of Lawrence), you can openly carry a gun, without the requirements of a holster or safety.

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Overland Park approves carrying weapons in public

Does anyone know more about the details of this law than is reported in the article? My primary question is whether or not the transfer bar on a revolver or the trigger safety on a Glock or similar gun, or any other passive safety mechanism, meets the requirement for an "engaged safety" under the law. Or is this an anti-polymer-frame conspiracy to restrict open carry in Overland Park to 1911s?

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