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I think it is absolutely ridiculous how the entire staff handled our rental in Lawrence, Kansas. We are VERY displeased and will post and tell everyone we can how horrible Hertz has been. The counter person, Luke, had no clue what he was doing and charged us for incorrect charges then totally passed us off to cooperate because "I don't know how that happened, but billing can fix it for you". We rented a mid size car and we were given an SUV that got horrible gas mileage. Andrew, the regional manager was incapable of proper customer service. Charges did not "fall off" as we were told they would. It insane that charges can be put randomly on our credit card without permission and we're just suppose to wait for Hertz to release the funds that never should have been held to begin with. Never again will we rent from Hertz.

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Awesome doctors. We see Dr Cordova but honestly I like all of the doctors and no hesitate seeing anyone else if she is not available. We love it here! Love the walk in clinic for those spur of the moment needs. Thank you Dr Cordova and others for being so wonderful!

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AWESOME place to take your pet to be pampered. I love the self wash stalls. I go in and come out with a clean pet and they clean up all the mess. One price and you get all the fixings! Shampoo, COndition, warm water, grooming tools, dryer, towels, etc. Thanks to the friendly staff for always being so helpful & professional. LOVE this place!

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Some of the best prices in Lawrence! Nice, clean store and always well stocked.

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Awesome store and awesome animals! I get all my fish & water from Pet World and they actually LIVE! The staff is so helpful and always willing to answer my questions. If you go in at a busy time it can take awhile for them to get to you but when they do, you do not feel rushed. They always spend the time they need with each customer. BRAVO for having such a great place for us to go IN Lawrence!

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Early-morning fire displaces family of 11 from rural Douglas County home

The dad just lost everything, lets take the kids away from him to? They were obviously with him for a reason.

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Fourth of July events and fireworks displays in Lawrence, Eudora, De Soto, McLouth and Ottawa

We've gone to the Perry Lake display several years now and it is pretty nice. We like to sit on the dam road and watch them shoot them over the water.

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Measure of a city's strength is how it cares for youngest

I run a home daycare and get at least 3 calls a week for infant care needed. Unfortunately the state will only let us take 3 kids 18 months & under at one time so I do not have any openings. I would love to be able to watch more, if I had the time and capability. http://www.timbercreekkids.com

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Who makes the best coffee in town?

Z's and Starbucks!

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KU won't commit to downtown parade for National Champions

It's pretty easy to figure out! If KU doesn't benefit financially then they want nothing to do with it, who cares if it benefits Lawrence and the fans!!

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