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Would you take an active role in a city of Lawrence community farming program?

"Community farm??" Pravda would be proud of the reporting regarding government 'programs' in this town! All hail to our glorius commissars and the party!!

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Trash task force sets recycling goal, public forum

As jackbooted green stormtroopers march down your street and yank any offenders out of their homes for not conforming to Our Glorious Dear Leader Herr Cromwell's decree!

I can hear the theme song for this "Green Nazification" of Lawrence playing now...
"The GREEN POLICE, they root through my government mandated trash bins!" (Uh-oh they found an aluminum can mixed in with the regular trash, HORRORS!)
"The GREEN POLICE, they're coming to arrest me, OH NOOOOO!!!

Thank you for doing all the thinking for me.
I shall return to my TV and beer now and wait for you to determine when I will be sent to the disintegration chamber.

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Proud progressive

Can you tell me how the ideas of robbing the rich to give to the poor are 21st century ideas? I think Robin Hood came up with that idea a few centuries earlier and there was this guy in the 19th century by the name of Marx...I think you get my drift.

Bob, who are you to determine that the money that people earn belongs to the government? They didn't earn it; they just perform legalized highway robbery!

'Modern', 'Progressive', "Liberal", whatever...it's just a shell name game to hide who you really are: Control-freak thieves. You rob people of their money, liberty and freedom. How progressive is that? Tyrants have been doing that since the beginning of governments.

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Special housing for city’s teachers suggested

What kind of journalism is this?!? Is the JW really Pravda?? This article reads like a friggin propaganda sheet from the 1960's...Subsidized HOUSING for teachers????

Man, that really sounds sooo 'enticing' live like you did in college for the rest of your life?!?
That's not a profession, that is prison. Are you ready to be fitted for your state issued jumpsuits as well??? How about a subsidized transportation from your 'compound' er-I mean housing on a state-owned/operated bus to the 'indoctrination center' er-I mean work?? Is the district going to get them rusty, state owned Yugos for being good indoctrinators as well?!?

Give me a break!!!

As it was stated above--TAX money is NOT 'yours' USD 497, YOU WORK FOR US!!!

Hail to our glorious party!

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City may rebuild Iowa St. for $5M

LOL! CreatureComforts...do you honestly think you can get ANYONE in this town to actually drive at least the POSTED speed limit on Iowa or 6th?!? Even when the roads aren't a "pothole-o-rama"...they just don't know what that skinny pedal on the right does...just open your window and listen to pleasant sounds of wear indicators singing their praises of good driving habits...

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KU football uniforms to change in 2010

I like the idea of the '41 Hawk or use Scruggsy's Iron Maiden Eddie logo instead!

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State budget crisis makes it harder for Kansas school districts, teachers to come to agreement

ILLTEACHYOU: That wasn't the argument that I was making...of course teachers and their families sacrifice. Unfortunately, that's the nature of the business. My argument was and still is that there are a lot of people out there right now who are "sacrificing" and "surviving" without a job, career, hope, or future for MANY reasons. Don't you think that there are plenty of other families that are 'sacrificing' right now? State employees and many, many others aren't getting RAISES, why should teachers be any different? All that I am saying is that teachers should take a step back and be thankful that they still have employment and not look a gift horse in the mouth. GREED is what caused the mess that we are in now and shouldn't be acceptable behavior now. (By ANYONE!) If they're not careful, they could be joining all the other unfortunate ones in the unemployment line when the taxpayer cash well runs dry.

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State budget crisis makes it harder for Kansas school districts, teachers to come to agreement

Pay RAISE?!? I understand their dilemma, BUT right now there are a lot of folks who are NOT getting raises and 6 job seekers for every open position out there. I agree that teachers have a tough profession, but in these tough times, I think they should be grateful that they HAVE jobs! My wife's been looking for work for more than a year now and can't find employment. Message to Teacher's Union: GET REAL and be grateful for the work!!

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Mass. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy dies at age 77

if you own stock in liquor, it will be going down today...RIP "Swimmer..."

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Will you get vaccinated for the swine flu?

LOL Reticent...I don't think you have to worry about that much...if you buy anything at WalMart, have a cellphone or debit/credit card they can track you anyway...heck even your car has a "black box" in it!

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