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Speculation grows that Sam's Club wants to locate in new shopping center south of SLT

god I couldn't agree more. There isn't a Costco west of KC till you hit Denver CO. I'm so sick of driving 45 minutes to go to Costco on weekends (though it gives me an excuse to hit Oklahoma Joes.)

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Kansas attorney general asks state Supreme Court to block same-sex marriage licenses after first wedding performed

First off, hurray for them. Huge supporter of Gay marriage here. However, I have to say this is strange situation in JoCo right now. These marriages are not technically legal right now. The Kansas law has not actually been deemed unconstitutional. It really is a technicality as it will likely be struck down pretty easily once a plaintiff challenges it but It will be interesting to see how the Fed's and the State treat these premature same sex marriages.

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Report: Kansas economy picked up steam in late 2013

Dave I absolutely believe these numbers are the current best estimate and they will likely be revised up or down in the future as they normally are. What i want to know is when is Brownback going to give Obama credit for these numbers, he always blames bad economic news in the state on Obama and the Fed's so as far as I can tell this MUST be because of Obama too right?

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Report: Kansas economy picked up steam in late 2013

So given Brownback's history with economic numbers shouldn't he give all of the credit here to President Obama since he likes to blame every bit of bad news on him.

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Law enforcement officers in Lawrence don't use body-mounted cameras

Of everyone you listed, the police are the only entities capable of violating the constitutional rights of those they encounter. And are the only ones capable of building a criminal case against individuals where the specifics of how something is seized or how a search is conducted is crucial to the outcome of the trial.

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Obama appeals for 'peace and calm' in Ferguson

I can't help but look at what is going on in Ferguson and not think about Cliven Bundy. Imagine if the protestors in Ferguson had all gone home and gotten into an armed standoff with the police, I'm guessing there would be a lot of dead people considering how the police have reacted to the peaceful protests going on there. I know there was some looting early on but that has since ceased.

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Editorial: Retail questions

Richard, no one is suggesting that there is excess money in Lawrence that is not being spent. The idea behind this center is to attract those that would go to KC to do shopping. This center is supposed to be comprised of businesses that Lawrence lacks that draws people out of the city. So you're right it will be displacing money but hopefully it will move money from KC to Lawrence.

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Citizen's petition calls for smoking ban on Massachusetts Street

Wow, that was an ordeal reading all those posts. I have to say I really wish the debate hadn't devolved in the way that it did. I've lived here for five years and consider it my home and I think that unless you're staying in hotel for a couple days, if you're here in Lawrence and planning to live her and you want to change something about the City you're free to try and make that happen. Having said that I firmly disagree with this ban. I'm a non-smoker and I'm very much in favor or the indoor smoking ban. I'm lukewarm about the 10ft ban. On the one hand I like that it makes the patio more open for non-smokers but on the other hand I know a lot of smokers like to have a smoke after their meal and I think out in the open air is a fair compromise. I am absolutely opposed to this proposed ban. Not that I enjoy second hand smoke, I don't and I have a newborn that I obviously limit her exposure. I'm opposed because I feel like it's a solution to something that isn't a problem. I walk downtown all the time at all hours of the day with my kids and my dogs and I can't remember the last time I even smelled cigarette smoke let alone walked through a plume of it. To me this sounds like someone (sorry Mike) who had a bad experience downtown and has taken it way too far.

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900-unit apartment complex wins key vote; the path forward for SLT shopping center; Hurst Fine Diamonds to close, move

good call, even worse then. Yes to an unnecessary apt complex, no to businesses that might actually keep people in Lawrence.

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Planning Commission recommends denial of major shopping center along SLT

We'll see, this city seems to reject retail developments like it is allergic to them. I'm not going to hold my breath that this gets approved, plus the city really wants the area around Rock Chalk to explode and lets be honest even people that would love to see this development have to understand that two "huge" retail developments would be too much for Lawrence.

One plus to the Rock Chalk development is potentially we could get a Costco, there isn't one west of KC and a Costco could do well between Lawrence and Topeka.

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