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New local meat market opens in west Lawrence with fresh beef, pork, lamb, area cheeses

Purchased bone in pork-chops and bacon for a very good price. Both were fantastic. I will definitely be shopping there again.

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Kansas conservatives advance bill on impeachment of judges

My favorite part is that these idiots in the Leg don't seem to understand the most fundamental aspect of separation of powers or whom would end up ruling in this case... THE COURTS. Who will likely win in an argument... career justices of the courts, or a bunch of idiot locals with pitchforks claiming usurpation (not that they know what that means)?
Also love Greg's point about the bill this will generate for tax payers that will surely go to a firm the Gov is 'chummy' with...

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Man injured after his handgun goes off in Salina theater

No one that is moving for meaningful change is trying to outlaw firearms... merely ensure safe usage and ownership. Moving to the extreme only to outrage people is nothing more than Reductio ad absurdum.

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City to consider reducing number of lanes on portion of Kasold Drive; new info on pending appointment of commissioner; report estimates Rock Chalk tourneys add $4.4 million to economy

I completely agree with the idea of reducing footprints where it makes sense... unfortunately this couldn't be further from the truth in this area. Bike/foot transit heavy areas are important, but this area isn't one of them. I'd love to see a study of how many pedestrians/bicycles use that same stretch and what the forecast is for the future. Increasing usability for a 'we think the numbers will grow' versus the status quo realities of traffic on that stretch are ridiculous. Especially the idea that with only 1 lane each way and a round-about that but the same (if not) increased traffic flow it would be 'easier for pedestrians to cross'. You'd have higher congestion in one lane without the benefit of all way stop sign. How in the world would that help foot traffic to cross?

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Brownback signs budget; claims success in 2015 session

I'm wondering at what point he is checked into Betty Ford for 'mental exhaustion'... he is clearly devoid of reality. When even conservative think tanks in DC shake their heads at your plan there is clearly a fault in it. Not that any 3rd grader couldn't show that the math is unsustainable and the "not an increase" is equitable to a "nuh-unn, nuh-unn" on a playground.

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Tax plans coming together, but business owners' taxes still a hot issue

We could afford it... we did afford it... we ran a surplus before all of these tax cuts were introduced champ.

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Kansas governor says using private email, cell is simpler

With all the back-stepping he's done for equal protections and education I wouldn't be surprised if some members of Anonymous wouldn't be happy to oblige... I'm sure KOCH brothers are somewhere on their list.

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Kansas governor says using private email, cell is simpler

Not that I think she should be in the clear... but she's turned over 32,000 emails... How many has the Gov supplied again?

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Kansas lawmakers nearing new deal with Uber

For operating an estate based practice I'm surprised that Boog is getting it wrong with regards to Uber 'misleading people'. They never said the law was in effect, but rather than they can't operate with such regulations on the horizon (July). No company worth anything will continue to invest resources into an unsustainable model... Therefore when the law was back in 'play' after the veto, they pulled their resources. Very straight forward actually.
With regard to the lack of feedback from constituents... the generation (including myself) that is most likely to use Uber has seen over and over again that special interest wins over actual governance... Why send an email to someone that sees cash coming their way from a 'representative of industry' only to receive an automated 'thanks for sharing... this issue is important...' reply.

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