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Student’s motion in Hall v. KU case trumpets ‘academic transparency’

Thank you for the link. I will be posting this on FB as well. Hope to help raise some more...

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Police and fire put together list of more than $33 million in funding needs for 2016; Sprouts sets new opening date for Lawrence store; former KU basketball player says deal is near on wing restaurant

From what little I have heard Lawrence 'burns' through the useful life of our large fire fighting vehicles by using them to go get food, assist injury accidents, and the like. If a fire call was to come over the radio couldn't someone meet them on scene with the big rigs. We need to have some vehicles that aren't $400k-$1mil + pumper/ladder trucks for these situations. I'm 100% for supporting those who protect us, but I feel like its the equivalent of LKPD using armored APCs to patrol just because... "we might need it later".

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Lawrence school district expects to repay $672,000 in state aid

I'd say it is safe to say my data was meant to playfully respond to your data. I did have a few actual questions regarding your evidence that you seem to continue to ignore. Considering that you are in 'advertising' and were analyst in your years of service (thank you for those btw) I would think that these questions should easily be answered with your expertise.
1) Sourcing for your data?
2) Other contributing factors you assessed? response? reasoning for discounting?
3) Causation v correlation or association analysis

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Lawrence school district expects to repay $672,000 in state aid

I am using your page as my sourcing: Where did you get your data? Did you consider other factors? You don't seem to present any positional response to other factors anywhere in you blog post reflecting other changes that could impact the outcome of the scores (if I even know where you got them from)...
I incorporated reasonable error margins because I don't for sure know that you fail to understand correlation versus causation but am more than confident you don't in the context of your blog post. I have a site you can click on to see the data, just as you do... By your own logic I should be good.

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Lawrence school district expects to repay $672,000 in state aid

Since you like 'facts presented' so much Kevin:

Perceived bias: 95%
Understanding of correlation: 5%
Understanding of causation: 5%
Comprehension of sourcing: 5%
Overall Analytics capacity: 5%

*error margin of +/- 5%

Link to facts:

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Preparing for the arrival of the Rock Chalk Park audit

I just want to know how to get $120k+ a year performing staking duties...

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Kansas lawmakers urged to reject increase in alcohol taxes

The unfortunate part is that he is opposes this tax because he is against raising any tax in general. I couldn't agree more that the tax will disproportionately impact the poor. I' d love to see the % of tax revenue by county. I bet a good portion would just buy in bulk across state lines anyways. Illegal, but since when has that stopped people.

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‘Mob’ rules: Local group vocal Sporting fans

My bad... Houston it was.

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‘Mob’ rules: Local group vocal Sporting fans

We missed the final by losing to the NY Redbull club @ home the same day the Chiefs lost to the 0'fer Dolphins. Not my favorite sports day...

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