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Ignore the no’s

For all of this talk about "no's", it seems to me that screaming louder alone doesn't make you a majority. We have a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress. Those people were put in office by the people of the United States by a majority (I'm not interested in arguing Electoral College business at this point). We have legally elected officials attempting to govern in a way that represents the beliefs that got them elected to begin with and now we're surprised?!

I'll say again, screaming alone doesn't make you a majority, and when your side is represented by members claiming that we should "let the immigrants die" and calling our officials Nazis, your side really is adding nothing of value. Grow up, get informed on your own, and be ready to defend your side in a way that is fitting for an adult. Read all of the material available to you and then be willing to discuss this in a CIVIL way. Hysterics will get you nowhere, and will ultimately hurt your cause no matter what side you are on.

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Suspect in rape of KU student in her dorm takes stand in his own defense

Naked from the neck down. So she was wearing a very distinct hat?

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Dog stolen from Lawrence Humane Society

How exactly do we know that the dog will be used for fighting again? They didn't even know what was going on until the perps were in the car. Now we know intent?

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Surgeon says she's 'never seen anything as extensive' as Jaeger's ex-girlfriend's injuries

I had the pleasure of serving on a jury for Judge Malone about 10 years ago. It was a man-on-woman domestic abuse case where the man beat the holy h**l out of the woman. We had one guy on the jury that, after two days of arguing race in the deliberations, said "what a man does in his own home is his own business". Annnnd...we have a hung jury.

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Two arrested after south Lawrence altercation, foot chase

Skinny for the win.

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Do you ever shop at secondhand stores or pawn shops?

Pawn Shops = Guitars

That's where the gems are.

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Libraries no longer havens of quietude

I have to admit, this issue frustrates me to no end. I was thinking of this very thing the other day on my weekly trip to the library. I saw kids running screaming and unattended throughout the building, with moms discussing in full voice these same kids' soccer and swim meets in the middle of the library. Add to this the couple of others folks chatting loudly and obliviously away on their cell phones, and the library can become pretty annoying pretty quickly. None of this has to do with a "modern library". Computers running make very little sound, even with several patrons typing. Modern printers make very little noise. The problem is the staff who turn a blind eye (and ear) to these problems. Ask the mommies to take their discussions, and their children, outside. Require that cell phones be turned off while visiting. Act respectful already, since some of us use the library for just that purpose, a library and not an entertainment hub, or a "social outlet". I have visited the Topeka library several times in the last year, and have never seen any of this behavior. Maybe the sense of entitlement is less there, I don't know. At any rate, a little peace and quiet please!

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Are you doing anything to honor a veteran on Memorial Day?

I'm going to remember (memorialize) those men and women that never came home from their service this Memorial Day. I'll remember the veterans on Veteran's Day.

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Where is the best place to view a Fourth of July fireworks display in Lawrence?

I vote for "at my house". Growing up here, my brother and I always got a little money from mom and dad for fireworks and couldn't wait for the sun to go down. Fountains, pinwheels, the works. We never had a ton, but what we did have gave me some of my best childhood memories. Oh well, I guess I'll continue my tradition of going over to Gardner, where they trust their citizens. I don't care about smoking, or roundabouts, or any of the other silly ordinances that the city has passed, but the fireworks ban upsets me quite a bit for some reason. I feel like it's just one of the things that makes Lawrence not feel like "home" anymore, and that saddens me since I've spent all of my 33 years here. Oh well. Hello Gardner Lake!

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Do you support President Barack Obama's decision to lift restrictions on funding for human embryonic stem cell research?

I ate three whole chickens today for lunch.

Wait. What? I thought hard boiled eggs WERE chickens!

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