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Ceremony to remember unique Lawrence figure

Leo was a fixture in Lawrence as I grew up here. Although he didn't know it, he taught me acceptance.I used to set on the pavement and watch parents approach Leo's wagon with their kids and have their kids pick a pencil and hand Leo the money. Sometimes the eyes on the little ones were huge and you could tell they were frightened. As the sale took place, the parent would prompt the kid and the kid would reluctantly hand the money and accept the pencil and as they walked away the kid would look back time and time again. Time and time again , the kid would smile at one last glance. Those kids,without a doubt, would buy another pencil from Leo without their parents urging. It was beautiful to watch.

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KU baton twirler wins national college championship

Awesome job Shannon!! I was born in Clay Center and raised in Lawrence, nice to feel a connection with you. Good Luck at the next competitions.

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Webb leaving Eudora football to coach in Independence, Mo.

I wish him and his family much success. He will be missed.He has been a fine example for our kids .

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Decades of dishonor

In the early 80's The police department used the dirversion program to deal with molestation. Probably because it was easier to "sweep it under the rug" than load the courts with children's accusations and grown up's denial. These are things you did not speak up about nor did you want everyone to know about it. I do know about this (believe me). The male that I know of was allowed to take diversion for a number of months and allowed to con the therapist (like he conned the kids). I also know that this certain male was allowed to wander free in our community and do his business as usual because he was protected under the diversion program. He used his faith (Catholic Church) to maintain his superiority. He roamed within the city and church community like he was a law abiding citizen and those that came into contact with him were non the wiser. I, as a parent, could not slander him by mentioning the crime. I did not agree with the punishment but that was all that was offered.This crime went unpunished ,as far as I am concerned. It does not surprise me in the least to find another crime that has been allowed and covered up. This person was not a priest but maintained his standing in the community by being allowed his freedoms.

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Knology sale to WOW now official; customers not expected to see immediate changes

Last week when I opened my bill I was shocked to see an increase of $9.95, I called and was told ,"They are calling it an annual rate increase." That is $119.40 a year ....just for TV? Needless to say I am looking for something else. I am totally sold on phone and internet with AT&T,never a problem and always good service. They said There is not Uverse where I an yet but, will be soon. Reading the above comments lets me know what to check out. I cannot wait to say BYE BYE Now .

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High school graduation dates to change in 2013

Party Poopers!!!!!!

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Sound Off: When does Knology plan to update the “info” displayed on the channels in Topeka that they

I want channel 8 and channel 12 back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Legends provide relief

This was Special!!!! Dorothy said it best,"There's no place like Home".

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Self reflects on heated victory against Cal

Our Coach has CLASS. He does not have to browbeat the players in the press to get his point across. I like his style and he is a great example for his players.

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Student plans to file complaint after being confronted by Eudora police

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