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Reimagined Pollinators - Design Meeting -- 03/12/17 at Lawrence Public Library

This event has been changed to Saturday, March 11 from 1-4 pm at 411 East 9th Street.

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Judge grants partial stop on North Dakota pipeline work

Watch a first hand account of what happened when private security forces, hired by the pipeline developers, attacked Native American protesters.

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Committee agrees on direction of East Ninth project design; 12th meeting planned

The headline of this article mischaracterizes the Advisory meeting. Although two of the fifteen members made positive comments in regards to one of the plans, the committee as a whole did not agree on a direction regarding the two plans presented. - Dave Loewenstein (CAC committee member)

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Your Turn: Ninth St. concerns deserve attention

To read a version of this essay with links to the articles mentioned, go here - http://loewensteinmuraljournal.blogsp...

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Letter: Law of the land

"Home(less) on the Range"

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'Imagine' that: Program encourages creativity to build better future

For more on the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture and the other 16 Imaginings happening across the country check out their website

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Lawrence will be site of 'imagining' to incorporate art in everyday life

For more information about the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture and the other Imaginings happening across the country, go to the USDAC website here -

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Granada celebrates anniversary with outdoor screening of "The Goonies"

Remember the outdoor movie venue at 9th & New Hampshire from a few years ago?

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Renowned sculptor Jim Brothers dies

A great artist and a remarkably generous guy. Lucky for us that his indelible work here and across the country lives on. Thanks Jim.

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Editorial: Arts failure

He pleads with us to stop him. Will we?

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