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KU Hospital lands nine programs in U.S. News top-50 rankings

Both LDJ and Chicago95 are not paying attention. First, The University of Kansas Hospital ranked where it did soley on its patient outcomes and services. It's reputation points were miniscule. The hospital results are far more than the medical school, though the hospital is stronger when the medical school is stronger. It's about nursing, about the culture and about the focus of the entire operation. Actually, Chicago 95 would be interested to know the most thorough data driven survey, not limited to publicly available data, is the University HealthSystem Consortium's Patient Quality and Safety Survey to the top 100 academic hospitals. KU Hospital has ranked in the top 5 for four of the last five years. A true test is not how the hospital ranks at any one point in time, but how consistently it achieves a leadership position among its peers.

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Heard on the Hill: Congress approves student loan package; new KU Hospital facility opens; KU Alumni Association traveling state, country during the summer

LJD230, I don't know if there is enough space to list all the things wrong in your post, but I will try.
1) The university gives NO money to the hospital. In fact, the hospital gives funds to supplement faculty salaries, pay for additional residencies, faculty recruitment packages and some research funds to the tune of more than $100 million a year. The money goes from the hospital to the school, not the other way around.
2) Your comment about the US News rankings are an insult to the nursing staff and techs at the hospital. The rankings are based on the total care patients received which is the physicians, hospital employed nurses and hospital employed techs working together, along with the technology that the hospital pays for.
3) As far as Medicaid and Medicare, these are programs every hospital receives for services rendered, not as an appropriation for supporting projects.

When you have a free moment, you might want to update your comment.

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KU Hospital to resume heart transplants

I'd like to thank BABOY and KEITHMILES05 for their loyalty to St. Luke's. However, only one heart program in the region has made the U.S. News Best Hospital List for five year in a row for heart and heart surgery and that is The University of Kansas hospital. And it has made it solely on the basis of patient outcomes, not reputation points. Also the Thompson Reuters List of the nation's top 50 heart hospitals has listed KU Hospital twice in two years. If BABBOY and KEITHMILES05 don't know the difference between the 1995 hospitl run by the university and the 2012 Hospital run by an independent board focused soley on patient care, then these two people need to see someone about their heard and not their heart.

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Resignation clears the way for key hirings at KUMC

LJD230 continues living in the past. First KUHospital is nearing 700 beds. Pretty damn big. Second, this idea that quality care is seconddary to research is what has doomed many medical schools and damn near killed KU Hospital. Quality care and leading eduge care must go hand in hand in order to succeed. The concept that hospitals are nothing more than piggy banks for research died long ago.

You will not get patients and you will not get support unless the academic hospital is among the best, which KU Hospital is.

If I hear one more old academic talk about the Harvard model of using many hospitals, I will throw up. It is has not been successfully implemented anywhere but Harvard.

It ias 2012 buddy. If LJD230 can't make it to 2012 in his mind, then at least try to meet us in the 21st Century.

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New leadership is top priority for KU medical school

How long has it been since LJD230 has checked on KU Hospital? It is now about to be more than 600 beds...and is still full almost all the time. It is the only nationally ranked KC Hospital...six specialties in US News,...Top 50 heart hospital in Thompson Reuters....high ranked in other surveys...and ranked as the #2 cademic hospital in terms of health and safety. The hospital itsel is paying the full cost of an additional 80 residents, that's above what the state and feds are paying for. Is LJD230 still in the 1960s?

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Dynamic leadership can help KU boost national rankings

JayHawke shows clearly why KUMC has not moved forward. Yes, the physicians are vital in improving the quality of the hospital. But, in this case, the physicians bought in to the change of culture in the hospital that impacts nurses, administrators, cleaning people and the entire operation. It was the culture change in creating accountability for quality in the hospital that sparked the change. Overcoming barriers created by KUMC traditional administrative organization was another important step. The hospital's primary function to to deliver the highest quality patient care to each patient...and they put their money and their accountability to that end. This dismissal of the prime importance of nursing in the hospital rankings by JayHawke is offensive as well as reflective of a 1950's mindset. The hospital, not KUMC, created partnerships between nurses, physicians and the hospital to improve care. I don't know what kind of leader Barbara Atkinson is, but I know the hospital has succeeded in spite of KUMC antiquated mindset that JayHawke represents.

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Debate imperative

The sad thing spite of this stand...this paper will wind up endorsing Brownback

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Statehouse Live: More cuts, more problems; Teacher workload discussed

I'd like to ask Mr. Chappel when he thinks teachers are grading papers, doing report cards, working on lesson plans and the volume of paperwork they need to do, especially if there is a special needs child in the class. They are doing it at their kitchen tables into the night after they have taken care of their own kids.

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Simons: St. Luke's efforts to gain competitive edge will continue

I have appreciated the way this paper has consistently advocated for the hospital and against the St. Luke's power grab. I hope now the hospital and the KU are on the same side of this disgusting displayof arrogance by the KC Civic bosses

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KUMC view

Thank goodness this editor has greater vision than the letter writer and the two people commenting. It takes experience and judgment to smell a rat in a deal and this editor cares about the university enough to call them on it. He should be applauded.

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