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Editorial: Tax impacts

do you realize what this sentence means: According to legislative researchers, the approved tax plan will generate a net gain of $777 million over the next five years, but that falls far short of making up for the $4.6 billion in lost revenue over the same period resulting from last year’s income tax cuts.

$4.6 BILLION in lost revenue (i.e. tax cuts) minus $777 increased taxes = nearly $4 BILLION TAX CUT...

Why are the LJWorld Editorial Board and especially Scott Rothschild afraid to call Brownback's tax policy what it is? A tax cut.

I for one appreciate being "allowed" by state government to keep more of my own money that i earned and spending it on what i local stores and restaurants who in turn will see increased revenues which they will either reinvest in their businesses or spend themselves... that increased spending will generate more sales taxes at the local and state levels...

it will be interesting to see just how much of an impact a $4 Billion tax cut will have on the economy...

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Legislature makes no progress; Brownback leaves state to tout tax cuts

So let me get this straight... first Hensley and Davis criticize Brownback for being involved in the negotiations and now they're critical of him doing his job to recruit new businesses and jobs to Kansas... have any of you paid attention to what's going on in Illinois??? They have an unemployment rate of more than 9% and have dramatically increased taxes on businesses... that state is ripe for a business exodus ....

also, this will date me but i recall former Gov Sebelius leaving the state for a political fundraiser during the special session she called for school funding.... how did Hensley and Davis feel about her skipping town during that state crisis???

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Brownback wants to examine mental health services

Actually funding for mental heath has nearly tripled during the last 13 years in 2000, $158million ... In 2013, $438 million...and that doesn't include what is spent in state prisons... I know its hard for many of you brownback haters to fathom, but he makes a good point about the need to look at how these services matter your political philosophy on gun control, making sure those who need mental health services are getting the right services should be the focus...

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Kansas House chamber set to host Christian workshop

Repete - anyone can submit a request to use either the Senate or House chamber through the legislative administrative services them here From what i understand, it is up to the chamber's leadership whether to approve the request - meaning Minority Leader Paul David could have denied this request.

There is no charge to use a room in the statehouse but it does require the sponsorship of a sitting legislator.

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School funding at center of Kansas governor's race

Congrats Scott - a story that includes more then the democrats baseless attacks...

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Holland blasts Brownback over plan for education financing

for the few of you who would like the rest of the Speaker Pro Tem Siegfreid's response to the Democrats/Holland's claims that his plan is really Brownback's plan:

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Holland blasts Brownback over plan for education financing

this is a great attack from the only candidate in this race who has voted to raise property taxes and voted to raise the state sales tax.... Holland says you need to look at their records - well, his records shows he will raise my taxes....not Sam Brownback

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Campaign Notebook: Democrats say Brownback's school finance plan will lead to property tax increases

also - where's the follow up with Brownback on whether he does support vouchers for Kansas as charged by Holland? Rothschild, we know you are trying your best to get Holland elected but again, lazy, just lazy...

i found it in the Topeka Capital-Journal, Aug. 17th: "...However, Jones-Sontag said Brownback wouldn't support a state voucher program."

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Campaign Notebook: Democrats say Brownback's school finance plan will lead to property tax increases

Why is there no follow-up from Siegfreid about the Democrats' charge that he's just a puppet for Brownback? Lazy... just lazy...

and btw, Siegfreid isn't the only one proposing changes to the state's school finance plan.. .. maybe the Democrats will want to say one of these are Brownback's secret plan:

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Holland decries Brownback’s auto dealer exemption plan

this is why Holland's got to jump on the Obama bandwagon...

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