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Basehor man sentenced to 8 years in prison for murder-for-hire scheme

Ha that's what I was thinking, seems like a helluva deal. Dang rookies

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Winter storm forces cancellation of classes, events

No, its like a no smoking sign on your cigerette break.

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Sound Off: I was wondering why the Lawrence public school district does not have any computer-equipm

So....what can we do about this? We seriously have to just accept this answer knowing full well just how inaccurate it is. I agree with above, I would like to see ljw staff or reporters do a full story on this subject and maybe some more answers. I know one way of getting the ljw staffs attention is by continually discussing this matter, or at least the matter of why are we paying for the IT department employee to run a porn site, I can see the staff being way more excited about that subject.

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St. Patrick's Day parade

No way, the bike is awesome but I thought that float and the girl on the bike was trashy like they should have been representing Kansas St or mizery or maybe even some high school in topeka, not KU.

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When it comes to getting parking tickets in Downtown Lawrence, sometimes you can be saved by the weather

That's funny, can't wait. As long as we don't park in the 2000 block of y.h. and mass, we should be fine.

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Lawrence Police Department swears in 13 new officers

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Lawrence Police Department swears in 13 new officers

Oh right, I didn't even think about that, thanks for the heads up. Noogie: to muss ones hair and top of the head with ones knuckles, IN A PLAYFUL MANNER. Thanks, I feel better now that i have cleared my name.

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Lawrence Police Department swears in 13 new officers

Yeah, there's one in every town, someone should give her a noogie.

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Lawrence Police Department swears in 13 new officers

Jeez Smitty, really? Can you please take your conspiracy theories elsewhere? Have you ever considered the Lawrence training facility is maybe just so bad a@@ that our trained officers are being recruited by other agencies and just end up moving on to bigger and better things? And if that's so they need to be replaced. Not to mention population growth. I mean really, what are you so afraid of? Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! BOO! Scared ya didn't I? Anyway, good luck officers and stay safe and welcome to Lawrence, I think you will like it here. We appreciate what you do, most of us anyway.

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How often do you use social media?

Think I'll go floss my post...

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