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City balks at plan to allow motorists to use credit cards for new downtown parking garage

They obviously have not done their research on credit card fees. There are many companies now charging 2.75% flat fee no minimum or monthly fees. I bet the phone is ringing off the hook today by some of these companies. This bid was probably from an "inside" contact.

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Latest sales tax report shows Lawrence spending up about 2 percent for the year

Absolutely, There is no growth here only inflation. Surprised the reporter didn't mention that little tidbit. What a nice feel good story though.

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Sound Off: Stoplight timing

Riigghhhttt.....sure ,okay , GOOD ANSWER from the person that is paid to give good answers.

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Do you think the city needs more parking downtown?

There should be FREE parking downtown. The increased sales tax / property tax revenue would more than compensate for any net profits the city receives from fines/meters.

Personally, I will not go downtown and plug a meter if I can avoid it.
And don't tell me how many free spaces there are if I just drive around parking lots looking for a spot and constantly look at my watch as not to spend more than 2 hours at any given spot.

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Letter: Missile message

Let's just paint it pink with peace signs and flowers then we can all get along..

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Undercover task force cites 17 businesses for selling alcohol to minors

Who would even buy 3.2 beer when you have to be 21 anyway...Nearly every one of these grocery/convenience stores has a liquor store within 1/2 block.

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City Commission candidates disagree on how to serve homeless in downtown Lawrence

Send them to Oak Park Mall on the JO

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Kansas may be conservative experiment

People and businesses are fleeing the Liberal experiment ( California). If Brownback plays his cards right we will get those 1/2 million jobs in the next 5 years (from California and other liberal states). Kansas will prosper under a low tax business environment and the Liberals will hopefully go west and let the fiscal conservatives reap the rewards.
(Distinguished common sense businessman)

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Sound Off: I was wondering if there is a city law on how much trash and junk you can have in your fr

My neighbors did the same thing and I filed a complaint. They got a notice about 2 weeks later and I continued following up every other week for 4 months with no results. Fortunately the house was a rental, couldn't pay their rent and they got kicked out. Thanks Codes department.. FOR NOTHING. I hope you are more fortunate.

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Census numbers reveal Lawrence population is more dominated by renters; plus, more houses are sitting empty

Jimo.. All residents pay property tax. It is embedded in the rent they pay to the landlord. Just because they don't pay it directly to the county doesn't mean that every square inch of private property is not taxed.

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