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Tuner Tom Eversole is the ‘pit guy’ of pianos on KU’s campus

Very cool article!!! HIs comment regarding pianists not knowing how a piano works is pretty much true, as I really don't know the inner mechanics of a piano. I am familiar with some of the terms -- sound board, hammers, strings, the various pedals, etc. But I really can't explain how the piano produces the sound when a C or g flat (for instance) is pressed. The action of pressing a note triggers the hammer -- There. LOL. As a pianist, I feel a bit ashamed that I don't know more about the mechanics of this beautiful instrument.

Does the guy live in Baldwin? I think I watched him tune the Steinway in the Jawhawk room at the union. I had to play for an event there, and he was tuning it for me. Very nice man.

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Kanbulance is the life of the party

I would have to agree with the above posters regarding it being confused with an emergency vehicle. It's a great thing don't get me wrong, but I'm shocked it's legal and that local police haven't told them it's not legal to have the lights and sirens etc.

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Following the Jayhawks to New Orleans? Check this out

Honestly, I'd rather soak up the experience here in Lawrence!!! The bars, mass st., the fieldhouse...This place is going to be rockin' Saturday!!!!!! After the WIN, I want to be on Mass to experience the madness!!!

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Police arrest wanted man outside of Lawrence

Book em' Dan-O!

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Another Jefferson County resident dies on U.S. Highway 59, south of Oskaloosa

I also drive this road. There isn't anything wrong with the it. My goodness, visibility is excellent (under normal weather conditions)...I think this is just one of those freak things that happened....I can't recall the last time there was an accident in this vicinity of 59. What were these folks doing? Texting? Drinking? Distracted? Fiddling with the radio, IPOD? Just don't know.

I would imagine they are investigating, but as far as the highway itself -- it's perfectly fine....Seems like these days people place blame on the "road" and then it's deemed "dangerous" and then KDOT needs to reconstruct it, etc......

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Lawrence reptile, amphibian expert dies at age 72

WOW. I am stunned and deeply saddened by this. Joe taught KS Amphibians and Reptiles at Washburn. I took his course in 2004. I loved it. He made learning so much fun and exciting. It was one of those classes you looked forward to. I remember taking field trips to area lakes and wooded areas where we captured Copperheads and Timbers.

Of all the information and knowledge he shared, a couple things I've not forgotten...

1) Not to fear snakes. They weren't put on this earth to kill us or inflict panic and fear. The ONLY time they attack is if they're provoked or feel threatened. Simply leave them alone if at all possible. Society tends to demonize these creatures.

2) That if you are bitten by a venomous try to remain calm.....The more you panic, the faster your heart pumps the venom throughout your system....Easier said than done I suppose! LOL.

3) NOBODY...NOBODY..... in Kansas has EVER died from a venemous snake bite..according to Joe.....I remember him talking about this...In fact, if a person receives appropriate treatment in a timely manner...recovery is 100%...most of the time.....Again, when we hear about venemous snake bites we tend to think gloom and doom..

I am an usher at KU basketball games and still talked to Joe when he and Susan came to KU basketball games. It was fun hearing his latest snake ventures in Florida and/or Kansas. Sounds like he (and Susan) was keeping pretty busy.

Anyway, RIP Joe, and I truly enjoyed and appreciated everything you taught me about KS Amphbians and Reptiles. It's hard to believe you're gone.....

Susan, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. Joe touched many lives. He will never be forgotten!

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KDOT announces Kansas Highway 4 road work project among others

Thank god. As a Jeff. Co. Commuter, I can tell you Highway 24 between Perry and Topeka has deteriorated dramatically the past year --- Mammoth cracks and potholes!! UGH. It's like driving on a crater.

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Name recognition: Jayhawks get big name — Charlie Weis

Rock Chalk baby! I say we take this new coach out and hit up the buffett at the Habitachi Grill over by Jason's Deli! Oh ya! We'll give this new coach a true Kansas welcome!

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Town Talk: Student financial aid company moving to N. Lawrence, may add 100 jobs; Masonic Temple project on the ropes; Eudora to host Christmas extravganza

Off the subject....but....FYI Chad and others....P-King has re-opened its doors! Sadly, though, they no longer offer a buffett!!!! :(

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Once homeless Lawrence family makes goal of having own place by Thanksgiving

I don't think they're hateful. They're just stating some facts. Sadly, it's the kids that suffer for their parents' mistakes. Is it really responsible to continue having kids when you're barely making ends meet (like this couple)?

It all comes down to CHOICES. And regarding Matahrai's post -- yes, it does seem those of us with intelligence don't get rewarded like those with irresponsible behaviors and lifestyles. Come on folks, let's use our brains!!! :(

Just the way life is. It has never and will never change.

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