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Retail sales in city starting to slip, latest report finds

I would not call any of those failures, malls! White elephant stores only! They had the market cornered on that for sure! Maybe that is the problem? That is Lawrence's definition of a "mall!"

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Retail sales in city starting to slip, latest report finds

Maybe the dealers need to earn the business! Sell the small town service, differentiate themselves from the big dealers in KC. Hey, how about being competitive in price?!!!!! There's a thought!

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Retail sales in city starting to slip, latest report finds

It seems that this is the price you pay when you want to keep the downtown area "quaint." Lawrence has kept out the larger stores that would anchor a mall to maintain the downtown area (the place where a lot of the city commission personnel own businesses). It is a short drive to KC to have a wider selection and cheaper prices! Nobody to blame but yourselves!

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City manager's recommended budget calls for slight mill levy increase, 19 new city employees

Crafty, maybe you should educate yourself so you can qualify for a job like the Chancellor, if it sounds so attractive! KU Alumni pays for the salary increase.

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New undersheriff appointed in Douglas County

Congratulations Jim!

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Former police sergeant's federal lawsuit against city alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination

Wow! Wait a minute, the other guy that was fired/forced to resign/quit/whatever, he was white! Hey, sounds like reverse discrimination to me! Sounds like he has a case too!

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Kansas City man arrested Sunday morning in Lawrence on gun charge

Yes, that is the answer! That logic would prevent felons from possessing guns! Yea, that would work! And we would all be safer! You libs will never understand that felons will never abide by gun laws, no matter how many of them you put into law! You think that if they want to rob a bank or someone, or want to commit a murder, they will stop and think "well, I can't use a gun, THAT would be illegal!?" Get a grip!

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Former Kansas inmate who killed 3 in DUI accident has parole revoked

Make her serve her entire sentence! 6 years for 3 counts of manslaughter? Wow! Life is cheap! She should never be able to drive again!

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