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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Well, I guess my comments about Dolph's "editorials" were just too much for them - I don't think requiring actual identity to post is necessarily a bad thing, although there are pros and cons, but requiring a Facebook account is a terrible idea - I shut my Facebook account down a couple of years ago when I started my consulting practice, and I have NO intention of bringing it back - privacy concerns, Zuckerberg is a weenie, it's a time waster, etc. So this may be my last comment here - and by the way, why LJW, why have you already taken down my avatar? I am thelonious, and the picture of the Monk's Dream album cover was a FANTASTIC avatar!

I think I will go back and read my posts over the years for old time's sake, and then spend my time doing more productive things than posting here anyway. Thanks, LJW! :-)

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Saturday Column: As Obamacare kicks off, many questions remain

Saturday Column: As Dolph writes his latest Saturday Column, many questions remain.

Millions, perhaps billions, of Dolph's brain cells have been lost over the past 20 (?) years, resulting in the dangerous game of him writing the ridiculous slop above. Many (?) also question whether Dolph's obsession with Obama and the Obama health care plan is really just one of many massive federal takeovers Obama has in mind. Look out, he's coming for you next! :-)

By the way, how does a President "jam" an act through Congress, anyway? I always thought they voted on legislation - silly me!

Dolph Hannity Limbaugh, you lost. The election in 2008. The battle in Congress in 2010. The election (again) in 2012. Perhaps the KS Governorship in 2014? We can only hope!

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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

I hesitate to even comment on this situation, as I find it kind of sad, but I have a High School friend in Central Missouri who runs a 3rd generation dairy farm with his brother and his brother's sons, and they simply do not have these problems. At all. Also, I am an accountant. I feel bad about this situation, but I can say this - there is something wrong with this picture. I won't speculate beyond that, the rest of you can fill in the blanks, but something does not add up. It may be as simple as the demand for traditional dairy lessening as consumers switch to almond milk and soy milk, and the marginal traditional dairy producers who expanded too fast and took on too much debt get pushed out first. It's the way things work - you can fight it all you want, but you are better off figuring out a way to adapt. Unfortunately, the Iwig Dairy's time may be up. Better for them to accept that and figure out a way to move on than drag out the pain, but that is just my opinion and I do not know any specifics about their situation.

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County OKs permit for Penny's sand pit near Eudora actually identified him as an "engineer" in the Nov. 29 story. He is actually Professor Emeritus of Geology at KU. He's a geologist - not an engineer, and they are not the same - look it up. I think, given that he is a professional Geologist who taught Geology at KU, he can be considered "independent" as it relates to his scientific opinion. What is even more incredible, given your reply, is that of course he would be opposed to this, living right next to it - wouldn't you? Hey, not next to your house or threatening your water, no big deal, right? Give me a break. Questionable Douglas County politics, shoddy reporting, no regard for nearby citizens or the citizens of Eudora, etc. And then on top of that, the "reporter" is simply an apologist for the people with the money and influence. You want independent? Then why doesn't the county hire an independent Geologist, rather than rely on the lackey engineering firm hired by the company applying for the permit, or the opinion of a retired professor of Geology from KU who has a "financial interest" in the project. Of course he has a financial interest! If his property is ruined, it is no more and no less than theft, officially aided and abetted by the county. Once again, give me a break!

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County OKs permit for Penny's sand pit near Eudora

Why indeed - I just read this, and I am now even more amazed that this got approved. A retired KU professor of Geology offers an independent, unbiased, scientific assessment, and it is ignored and instead we rely on the happy talk of the company and its lackey engineering firm. Belief over science - where have I seen that before? At least it looks like I've got five years to figure out if I need to sell my house and move. Also, I am not just concerned about Eudora - this is even worse for nearby property owners with private wells. They might as well cap their wells and start buying potable water by the tankful - this is going to be terrible for them, and I find it very disappointing that our county commissioners would put the profit-interests of a company over and above the interests of these nearby private citizens of the county and the citizens of Eudora. Appalling, really.

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County OKs permit for Penny's sand pit near Eudora

Cute - we'll see how funny you find all of this in 10 to 20 years when Lawrence needs wells in this aquifer for clean drinking water to replace their current sources of Clinton Lake (too silted up to use in 10 to 20 years) and the Kaw (too polluted to treat in 10 to 20 years).

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County OKs permit for Penny's sand pit near Eudora

So to commissioner Thellman, thank you for once again standing up for safe, clean water for the City of Eudora, which apparently doesn't matter to the commissioners representing Lawrence and the rest of rural Douglas County who would be unaffected by this. To commissioners Flory and Gaughan, as a homeowner in Eudora, I just want you to know that if Eudora's municipal water gets contaminated as a result of this folly, the City of Eudora will sue Douglas County to pay for the cleanup, for the cost of health issues of the residents, for lost property value of homes, and hold Douglas County generally liable and responsible for paying to fix any problems. On a more personal note, as my wife teaches in Overland Park and I split my time between work in Lawrence and Kansas City, I am now second-guessing just a bit our decision to buy a home in Eudora in 2008 when we left Lawrence - I am thinking we should have moved east all the way to Lenexa. I will sum up with this - residents of small, rural communities do not appreciate being dumping grounds for whatever big industry wants or needs to do. There are a LOT of other pieces of land in the Kaw Valley that could be mined for sand without threatening anyone's water supply - this one was just close and easy, so presto! Make no mistake about it, I am not happy about this, the City of Eudora is not happy about this, and I can hardly believe I am saying this, but I am starting to think that if there was a way for Eudora to secede from Douglas County and join Johnson County (we are only 2 miles from the border, after all), we should do it!

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County OKs permit for Penny's sand pit near Eudora

It doesn't just screams, it yells, it threatens, it jumps up and down, it shakes its tail, whatever it needs to do to get what it wants.

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Attorney questions city's authority to issue no-bid contract for Rock Chalk Park

If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a is most likely a duck! Interpret and discuss!

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Kobach considering filing charges against protesters who came to his home

What goes around, comes around - also known as, you reap what you sow!

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