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Kansas man accidentally shoots wife with gun at Lenexa restaurant

LOL.. yep. We need that concealed to carry law. YEP the world is safer with it. Freaking MORONS.

Another reason why people DO NOT need concealed to carry when the training is a freaking joke that a 10 year old could pass it.

Just think if it went off and was aimed in another direction and killed or wounded a child or anyone else in the restaurant???

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Sound Off: Leash law in Lawrence

Well first of all.. Shock collars are a joke and should not be allowed. The industry likes to make you think that is is a perfect solution but its not. They require constant maintance or they don't work. Is it too lose, is the batteries in the colar good the batteries in the remote good? is there hair build up under the contacts to prevent effect? people don't consider this.

Plus .. if you need a shock colar for your dog???? you Shouldn't have the dog.

Either way dogs should not be allowed in parks, grocery stores, or any place there is food prepared or children. Unless its a service dog were they are trained. People forget that most accidents involving children is not that the dog was was that the dog was playful and trampled the child trying to play... plus many people are allergic to dogs and cats. So health is a concern also.

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Who do you think won last night's presidential debate?

Well Romney did do well, not sure what was up with Obama. He did not have his game face on at all.

Eitherway, from the latest poles and reviews. The first debate has had zero impact on either side. People are still sticking to their guns on who they are voting for.

I think the real debates that will start swinging voters either way is on the 11th with the VPs. Biden I think will win this one bascially because he has the upper edge on being a vet in the political field for longer and has a major upper hand on Ryan with foreign policy. Ryan has little to nothing on dealing with foreign policy. Also, Biden is well respected politically then Ryan is. BUT we shall see.

The next one is on the 16th which is a town hall meeting and not scripted like the first. This I think is were Obama will most likely take control. This will be in front of normal people asking questions form swing states and undecided. These people are by average more educated on what is going on and have done more of their homework. rather then just go with the flow like the states that are dominate one way or the other. Also were Romney is going to get hurt is he has built his campaign on negativity and in the swing states.. negativity is not a good thing for them. They are looking for positives and reality checks and willing to get hands dirty and willing to make sacrifices to make things better.

However,.. even after last nigh. latest polls still show Obama taking it for a 2nd term.

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Group at Dole applies dials to Romney, Obama during debate

Larry, I hate to blow it to you but go re-read the CNN Results. The numbers the posted was a random sample, (meaning the put their fingers in a hate and grabbed) and it was only 430 people?? WTF? This by no means a true sample of the publics views, if you beleive this I have some prime beach fron property to sell you in the Mojave desert. When they showed the polls of the "unregistered viewers" the result was 52/48 I believe in favor of Romney. For the poll to be valid the sample should of been 100s of thousands.. not 430. Its bad media like this that gives bad results.

Granted though, Romney did do well. Also, who would the public believe. A group of college proffesors and students at a univeristy OR YOU who thinks a news channel is the all saying?

I would go with the College not you. You are what peole call a grocery-line-check-out-voter. Basically people that are to lazy to actually research the issues so put their faith in the tabloids.

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Obama, Romney clash on economy in first debate

I admit, Obama could of done better, and he will. One thing for sure.. before all you anti-Obama say he was "crushed" by Romney.. on the CNN Pole.. umm take a better look. The pole was a random sample of 430 people.

Its like reaching in the had and by pure luck you grab more red votes then blue. No sane person will call that a valid pole.

Anyway, I can't wait for Biden and Ryan on Foreign Poicy.. Ryan has NO experience.. Biden is going to fry him at the gates.

Obama will really shine the other debates because Romney has so little experience on foreign policy its emberrasng.

Its going to be a close race and the first debate by far doesnot show WHO will win. The current poles still show Obama winning as does the other institutions that predict stuff like this and are usually right.

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Obama, Romney clash on economy in first debate

hey dude. take off your horse blinders and actually do some research. Perfect example of how Romney will screw us over is lookng at the federal budget for 2013. Expense is 3.6 trillion.. incme 2.5.. taxes. Huge deficit. Under Romney, hew would cut back on the discretionary which is SS, FEMA, other stuff that supports us. The non-d won't be touched. Even if we would shut down ALL the discretinary funds we are still almost a trillion in deficit. And Romney wants to cut taxes so our deficit now skyrockets past 2 trillion? Dude.. wake up.

Also, if you actually educate yourself.. which is obvious you lack much of, the USA has fallend to 24th as the most economically stable countries in the world..why you may ask.. because the free-market is not regulated like it should be. All of the countries in the top 15 are systems that have some for of free-market with governemtn control. HUMMMM sort of shoots your idea in the foot doesn't it?

Also, the economy doesnt' collapse overnight. It started with Bush and Clinton and Reagon.. The unemployment downslide was STOPPED by Obama mid-term and recouped. It takes time for a economy to crash.. all which occured PRIOR to Obama..

Also.. if you do your research.. which I doubt you will do.. middle class and local business have ALWAYS performed better under deomcratic rule..not GOP. Local business has suffered horribly under GOP rule.

Go do research before you blab. I would post all the reference links but its a waste for peole like you and the GOP.

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Jenkins says Schlingensiepen should apologize to her for comment

Well, Schlingensiepen is right. My brother has been in DC dealing with lobbyist and involved with Congress (he is GOP) and after he read this article flat out said Schlingensiepen is correct and if anyone believes otherwise he has some prime beach property in the Mojave desert

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Protesters storm US Embassy in Yemen in new attack

OKay, Dont get this. We have comdians, films, comic strips, etcc. that make fun of Jesus, Saints, and other figure of Christian, Jewish, Buddah (not sure what the faith is called) and we take it in stride as does other countries as free speech. I mean as crazy jokes on Jewish faith happen in the USA, I don't see a mob of Rabi burning down a US facility? Its part of life and we take it in stride. NOW if its Islam, they demand that they are better and they turn into a linch mob.

Now if the Muslim faith is as peaceful as they claim.. now wouldn't Muhammed condem the actions of his followers?

Also, this is a perfect example of what happens when Religion has a death grip on political system. Do we want that in ours? Then don't vote GOP because thats what the ding dong Romney and crew wants to do.

This is another reason why we should just pull out of other countries, let them deal with their own crap and bring our jobs back home. They want our help.. fine.. they pay us.. and ALOT OF MONEY too.

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Romney makes case for jobs, lots of jobs

12 milion jobs my butt, Were is all the production jobs? What, is Romney going to magically waive his corporate raider wand and POOF jobs appear. It takes time to create jobs if done by the private sector. If you want LOTS-O-Jobs NOW.. the Government has to get involved because there is plenty of things that need to get done.

But, truth is, we want the economy to boom.. we need those jobs back in the USA.. THATS IT!

YES we need to raise taxes because while the feds would, the state will. States are barely making it and Romney and crew are going to put so much pressure on the states that taxes at the local level are going to go through the roof.

Wake up GOP supporters. Romney is bad, he can't deliver a margine of what he promises at the cost of losing more jobs to the world.

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VP candidate Paul Ryan accepts 'calling of my generation'

Agreed.. VOTE. Whens the last time you saw GOP supporting a subject to save the environment so our kids and their kids will have a better planet to live in? Obama's push for alternative energy has been a big boost to the economy and it has proven to be profitable to local economies. Also, Obama supported high speed rail that would of taken thousands upon thousands of cars off the road each day stopping thousands of metric tons of pollution NOT going into the air. Romney and GOP fought this and wants to put thousands upons of metric tons of poisonous gases in the air. Think of your kids.. not your ego and the hear and now. DEMs=future, GOP= NOW not wait.

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