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16-year-old injured jumping into shallow pond near Free State High School

No to Mr Douglas. It is a pond for cosmetics and retaing purposes. This is private property and my big question is why are the kids allowed to leave. This is a stupid policy. The school is responsible for the children from school start to end. So in case like this, the parents can sue USD497 for not protecting their child and they will lose. The kids that leave have been sean making out smoking doing drugs. The people that own the private property can sue the school for allowing kids to wonder.

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KU employees, other Kansas state workers begin receiving furlough notices

umm blame Brownback not Obama. State of Kansas COULD of had 391million to support Obamacare but Brownback shot it down to spite him... great governor... cost the state new jobs and a lot of money because of personal grudge.

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Kansas Senate passes bill voiding local gun rules

Once again, Kansas proves how hypocritical the GOP is and the conservatives and how JACK arssed idiots are in office. I have never seen a political party that was SO double standard as the GOP and right wing morons who are "so pro individual rights" and "small government" but YET they go to pass this stupid gun law that strips cities of their rights to govern and BIG government is okay.. as long as THEY DO IT.

I mean how anti-American this law will be, in the article it says "the right to bare arms is more important then a local government to pass is own law".. HELLO STALIN!! GOOD BYE Lincoln.

Conservatives and GOP are the biggest bag of lies, two faced, double standard IDIOTS that exist. Do they realize HOW much of a embarrassment they are to the American Flag??

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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

Idiots is not the word. What are the freaks trying to hide? Infringing on the 2nd Amendment rights?? WTF! A background check DOES NOT in any way infringe the 2nd Amendment rights. If someone is a criminal or has mental issues that makes them a possible danger if they are allowed to have guns is a right that is outside the 2nd Amendment and overrides it.

Background checks MUST be done on private sales. A gun is not some trinket you pick up at a flea market, its a deadly weapon. A person who sells a gun to a person, and that person then turns around and uses the gun to kill someone in a robbery MUST be held accountable. It’s a failure of that gun seller to uphold his American spirit of helping to protect fellow Americans.

Heck, if a person sells some beer to another person with out checking a ID, that person then goes out and kills someone by driving drunk, THEN finding out that the person was a minor. The person selling the beer will be charged and most likely go to jail.

Roberts and his idiotic moron anti-gun law are NOT American in anyway. They are out to HIDE illegal gun sails, they don’t care about the children that were killed in Newtown, all they care about is their TOYS. I bet you anything that Robert and his buddies have illegal guns sitting in their homes and they don’t want the laws because they know they will lose their toys.

ROBERTS and friends.. you are the ANTI-AMERICAN spirit. Screw you all and your safety, I got my guns.

OH one last thing, Gun Laws DO NOT violate the 2nd Amendment UNLESS.
1.) All guns are banned
2.) Laws make it economically or process very difficult to get one/high probability that the check will fail.
OH another thing, the Government DOES have the right to regulate what firearms are deemed safe in the hands of the public… if they didn’t everyone would have a M16, SAW, or 50 cal in their front yard. Yes these are military weapons…. BUT they are firearms.

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Supporters of amendment say Legislature should be sole authority on school funding

Well our current Gov and GOP controlling party needs to be removed. They fail to understand that in order to get good jobs and business to come to Kansas, we have to have a large pool of well educated workforce to pull from. If you go out and look at the states with the worst education system and compare to average pay and number of good jobs, there is a direct connection.

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Brownback wants school finance case to go to mediation

I think they are attacking the teachers and education to distract the public from knowing how much THEY HAVE WASTED on the Capital restoration project. How many hundreds of millions have we put into this stupid thing?

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

LOL..this is so freaking funny. I am soo happy they got owned.

They deserve the loss for how big their egos have gotten.

KU gives these players the royal treatment and the players treat other students and staff like CRAP because they are B-Ball players. I know a student who basically DOES all of the homework for one of the players and was told that SHE had to do it. Hell, this poor student got pulled out of her plans to go to the book store and bring a players books to the gym because the POOR B-Player could not find the B-Store himself even though one of his clases was two blocks down.

Funny thing is, at the end of the semester the shrink wrap never left the books. KU does not give a crap about these kids, they use them to make millions upon millions and after 4 years. send them of with one of the worst educations ever.

Now many other schools follow the same model... its sad. I asked a recruiter for a major company out of NYC if they had two applicants with degrees and equal skill, one from a BIG 10 and the other BIG 12. He flat out said BIG 10..not that he is from a BIG 10 its that the BIG 10 puts out better quality students because they focus on quality education rather then pumping all their money into sports.

KEEP losing KU so you can fire that OVER PAID idiot of a coach. NO ONE at college level should be paid like him while students struggle and wait. this is Kansas.. they do't give a damn about quality education.

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New report says smoking ban has had no negative impact on liquor sales

to onthebreeze.

agreed, kind of nice to have the wife come to you and NOT step away because of the embedded smoke smell.


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Brownback seeking end of property tax deduction for homeowners

HOLY COW.. I read this and WTF!. BrownB is a moron. How did ANYONE vote for this guy. He is going to destroy Kansas. He wants to cut this,, cut that,, to try and get our budget right. WHAT ABOUT THE STUPID capital restoration??? HOW LONG has the company been sucking 100s of millions of dollars out of our budget?

Also, for personal reason he rejected the funds to do the Obama medical stuf.. it was a huge amount of money and would of brought in a lot of jobs. As much as people may not like it, we need to boost the economy in KS and sometimes you have to do things that rub you the wrong way.

I am Republican and this guy is going to destroy us.

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Do you think the state of Kansas should cut income taxes this year?

funny thing about this is that Employers having to cut back is a bunch of bull. They make is seem that the Obama care is going to cut deeply into their wallets. Heck it won't do that at all. Its a minor increase that they can easly afford by not being so freaking wasteful on how the manage their money. I know 4 small business owners here in Lawrence and everyone says that the media and ding dongs that make statments about "how bad Obamacare is going to hurt us" is a bunch of bull. They say the increase is minimal and they can easily make up for the extra spending on healthcare via smarter choices on how they spend their money and manage it. Also, they get to right all this off in taxes so they are getting their money back by payin less taxes.

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