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Lawrence police offering free course in hunting and firearms safety

lawrenceksk66 - same here.

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City set to make additional improvements to Sixth and Iowa intersection

I love the sound of this. I use that intersection at least twice a day getting the kiddo to daycare then back to work. Fortunately my wife is a teacher and will be staying home with our daughter over the summer so the impact to my commute will be minimal.

Double left turn lane onto 6th and dedicated left turn lane onto southbound Iowa are long overdue.

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Jayhawks: ‘There’s nothing to celebrate’

Can YOU read, Thom?

"Or as senior guard Elijah Johnson noted: “I mean, it’s nine straight, but we don’t celebrate until everything is said and done. There’s nothing to celebrate about right now, anyway.”

WOW. How short KU fans' memories are. Just last year, reported right here at the LJWorld:

"Self made sure the Jayhawks did not take this eighth-straight title lightly following Monday’s 70-58 win at his alma mater, OSU.

He had the players place the league championship trophy on the floor of the locker room after accepting it from Big 12 associate commissioner John Underwood and had the Jayhawks do a bit of dancing around the hardware.

Self took part in the dancing.

“It was great. We were all dancing. I’ve done it four times now,” said red-shirt junior center Jeff Withey. “It’s always the same, a great feeling,” he added. “It’s really fun to be able to do that.”"

The fact is that KU are sore winners <i>and</i> sore losers. They can't handle having to share the title with K-State. I'm not anti-KU, but to minimize the title just because you had to share it is a bit...well, arrogant.

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Lawsuit documents provide insight into police traffic ticket scandal

Agreed. I've been in Lawrence 8 years and haven't been pulled over once.

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Which do you prefer, Lawrence tap water or bottled water?

If both were in front of me I'd probably drink the bottled water. However, I have a two stage whole-house water filtration setup at home that removes the nasty off-flavors in Lawrence water - primary the over chlorination and the somewhat dirty river-like taste. Then there is the sediment - you'd gag if you saw the used filters come out at the end of their three month life span.

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Online petition drive asks city commissioners to put $25M recreation center project up for citywide vote

So the city commission is citing an election from 1994 to say the community is on board with something? Are you kidding me? After all, the voter base hasn't changed, like, at all since then. *eyeroll*

18 years' worth of citizens have become eligible to vote since 1994. Their opinions don't matter? What about the people who have died over the last 18 years that might have voted then but who obviously aren't around to have an opinion anymore?

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Do you have a goal to lose weight this year?

I plan to lose MORE weight in 2013. I started a fitness and nutrition plan in October and am down 25 pounds so far. The goal is to lose a total of 50.

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Fire at apartment building early Sunday morning fits pattern of recent suspected arsons

I will be able to sleep well tonight knowing that the reports cost $110.

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State archeologist finds no Civil War graves at Ninth and New Hampshire development site; plans no more testing

I bet you a dollar it isn't Doug Compton or Mike Treanor.

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