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South Lawrence Trafficway contract to be awarded Sept. 18; construction to begin soon after

Are you looking at the second page of the PDF? I found that view quite helpful.

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City to consider banning couches on porches

In a related story, 453 of the 463 building fires that have occurred in Lawrence have occurred in houses that included upholstered furniture. City ignores problem, residents outraged. EVERYBODY PANIC

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Do you think it is a good idea to build a resort at Clinton Lake?

No. Leave our natural areas alone.

"They paved paradise and put up a parking lot"

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County to treat Lone Star Lake for aquatic weed

Cooperation must mean side deals.

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Man convicted of killing Lawrence boy in 1988 up for parole this month

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Knology changes its name to WOW!; lifts usage caps on Internet service

Service level also dictates connection speed - at least it used to. Haven't looked in awhile.

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Lawrence ranked second-worst-performing small metro area, according to new national economic index

Proof that Lawrence is not as "cool" or "business friendly" as our "leaders" like to think it is. I enjoy living here but just don't get the hype.

You just can't mention Lawrence in the same sentence as Fort Collins. The locally brewed beer scene is much more extensive out there than it is here. Sorry, Free State.

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Have you noticed a bad taste in the city's water?

Lawrence tap water has always tasted nasty.

I have a whole-house carbon filter to get rid of most of the smell and taste, and another carbon filter at the kitchen sink to finish the job. No bottles for me.

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Would you like to see the new Lawrence Public Library building include a coffee shop in the lobby?

Bad idea. Cups, napkins, stir sticks left everywhere. Who gets to clean up the mess? It had better not be the library staff.

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Construction to reduce downtown Kansas River bridges to one lane beginning Monday

This. This irritated me almost daily on my commute.

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