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Lawrence ranked second-worst-performing small metro area, according to new national economic index

Actually, the problem is that City Hall and the Chamber have not worked hand in hand. The Chamber has brought companies to the community only to have them chose different locations based on failing infrastructure and land sites that are not prepared for development.

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Menards files plans to build store east of Home Depot near 31st and Iowa

Menards is a low cost provider and not appealing to quality builders. Should have approved Lowe's!

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Chamber still considering major, private capital campaign; eco devo leaders hoping to get an assist from Phil Mickelson

Is the Chamber ever going to talk about what happened to Hank Booth? He is no longer listed as an employee on the website.

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2013 Preview: Technical training campus expected to be big initiative in business community in 2013

A study of future industrial sites was done by ECO2 but when development projects came forward they were not approved by the City, County or Planning Commission because neighbors spoke out against development in those identified areas. Another futile attempt to push industrial on a community that obviously is not supportive.

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Hallmark to close Topeka plant; work expected to move to Lawrence facility

Lawrence won't gain any jobs. There are currently 1300 Hallmark employees in the state and now there will be 1000 which means a loss of 300. That's even worse for Brownback's plan as we are moving in the wrong direction.

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Hallmark to close Topeka plant; work expected to move to Lawrence facility

sjgreen, Kansas statutes do not allow for a 100 year abatement. The max is 100% for 10 years. Hallmark did receive a 10 year abatement when opening in Lawrence but that has since run out.

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Town Talk: New downtown bar hopes to become part of Jazz scene; Lawrence housing sales up 40 percent in July; new eco devo board set to begin work

There are many communities with economic development boards but those that are most successful are not open to the public and therefore not covered by the media.

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Town Talk: Downtown property owners may have to pay special tax for new parking; city comes up with new police funding ideas; famous Quantrill raid art coming to Lawrence

The State sale tax will not be going away. The Governor has already talked about the need for the Legislature to extend the tax due to the impending deficit over the next few years.

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Economic council sounds good on paper, but is it smart?

Tomatogrower, I think you are referring to the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and not the local Lawrence Chamber. The local chamber does not have a PAC and has not taken any positions with the State in regards to taxes and pollution laws. The local chamber has not testified in Topeka at all this session about any of the issues facing local businesses.

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Economic council sounds good on paper, but is it smart?

The new CEO was not in charge or running the Springfield Chamber as is claimed in this article. He was the senior vice president of economic development which means he was, at best, 2nd in charge.

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