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Kobach stirs up controversy during Old Shawnee Days parade

Why are you attacking folks? You should have followed the Menninger Foundation to Houston. Drinking Trump blood

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Kobach stirs up controversy during Old Shawnee Days parade

well then get in line

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Kobach stirs up controversy during Old Shawnee Days parade

A good guy with a gun is not a bad guy? A guy that promotes a gun as if he's a good guy is a sick guy that clinically needs treatment.

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Tom Keegan: A floater is the newest weapon in Mason's repertoire

I've been screaming mid-range since 2008. He needs to bend those knees and punch on the gas and stop and pop at the open space on the floor from (7-14) instead of forcing drives that are not there and the same goes for Graham and Vick. Svia can rest in the corners for 3's then we all will shout lay-up and in reality he is fast enough to flash in for vicious dunks if someone encourages him to get nasty. All he has to do is have a mindset that if anyone sticks their hand in there "break it." If they get some continuity with that it will also create lob city. Its all about shooting in space uncontested. They will be National Champs guaranteed!

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Kansas congressman ‘hopeful’ that Clinton will be charged over email server

In-Country Ambassadors are nothing but top notch spies! I’m sorry for Stevens death but he could have called for extra help but it wouldn’t have mattered much because the Repugs cut funding.

Moreover, when I was a radioman in the Navy (71-75) with only a secret clearance I read top-secret docs all the time we all did but it was no big deal. Several docs were never seen by the Captain because we had to sit on it until CINCPAC in Hawaii gave us the go.

In addition, the BS that went on between the DIA and CIA was sick to one’s stomach because most of the time the State Dept. got conflicting messages. I worked 18 years in DOD and over those years I’ve learned that fools like Trey Gowdy ain’t that bright.

At times it makes you wonder how they got the job but very typical of Southerners and I’m not taking back my statement nor am I going to apologize.

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Shoot! Kansas guards couldn’t

I've been stating it for 12 years they have to shoot mid-range and quit forcing drives that are not there. None of them bend their knees in the dribble drive that is why they cannot elude their defender. While you are moving without the basketball you have to read the defense the moment you catch the ball its a pass or shot or hard dribble drive to the open area in or near the lane for a pull-up uncontested jumper. The best shot is a uncontested shot. When you relegate to just 3's and the bigs the defense forces you to begin your offense way beyond the 3 point line then they end-up throwing those stupid cross court passes. The Bigs need to use the pump fake under the basket and go up hard quit being so soft they go up as if they are afraid to get hit and wonder why they don't get any calls.

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Measures introduced to do away with Kansas' ban on same-sex marriage

I agree. At this point to my knowledge I have not heard anything that has a definitive explanation of marriage. My explanation of how I understand it according to scripture is this.

Marriage is a spiritual principle ordained by God and is conducted in a ceremony with a man and a woman that professes and confesses that they acknowledge God as their spiritual Head and possess His Spirit to set as an example for a divine purpose.

This nation came upon this situation because of two religions the Catholics and the Mormons. These two institutions had the unadulterated guile to go on the offensive by funding and addressing the issue to the courts in California which nullified the effect of the 1st amendment. If the religious community did not go on the offensive this situation would have remained in the City and County of San Francisco as a Civil Union per the voters of the City and County of San Francisco and not the rest of the Nation.

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Measures introduced to do away with Kansas' ban on same-sex marriage

According to the 14th amendment of our constitution Gay couples have a right to marry regardless of anyone’s personal feelings. Bible principle is not constitutional. The phrase "separation of church and state" itself does not appear in the United States Constitution.

According the 1st amendment “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress (to remedy or rectify) of grievances.” So therefore, same-sex marriage should never be heard in court at any level period.

Since our civil liberties have accepted marriage as a PRIVILEGE. The institution of marriage is not anyone’s idea or personal property to manage as one would deem fit. So therefore, it would be profane to determine what is fair or equitable about a principle that belongs to God to define humanity.

So any magistrate that grants homosexuals to marry will result in a loss of a hedge of protection from unnatural earth and weather disasters for that stated jurisdiction by God.

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Column: Past is prologue for KU, Naadir Tharpe

Once the guards learn to take a hard dribble drive to the open court 7-14 with pull up jumpers that draws the double team off the bigs then you have lob city. Those cross court passes is a cardinal rule that you don't apply. 95% of the time they end up turnovers.

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Six turnovers trip KU football in 31-10 loss to Kansas State

Nobody gets it? Its real simple KSU has 59 players from Kansas KU only 22. Those numbers have been typical for the past 25 years. I'm not impressed with Texas players and when I was in the military all of the Kansas guys would hook up and go to the gym at Subic Bay in the Philippines and we would own the court all day against NYC and Philly players. Of course it was basketball but over the years KSU faired much better than KU in football and they did it with homegrown players. I'm lost on KU and their casual attempt to get homegrown players.

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