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Audit criticizes Kansas Bioscience Authority, leader

It could not be more clear that three things are going on here. First, Susan Wagle has been browbeating the KBA to give more money to Wichita State University. She went public with an accusation that KBA had committed $20M to WSU's CIBOR but had granted $4M. Now the auditor says there was never any kind of commitment like that, explicit or implied. I read in the paper a while back that KBA gave CIBOR some more money anyway, so mission accomplished there, and a waste to taxpayer money if you ask me. Second, Governor Brownback wants control of the money at the KBA. I would guess to reward his friends at K-State and in Wichita, and to cut corporate taxes. Third, he is more than happy to trash an important accomplishment of Governor Sebelius, just in case she has ambition to run for an office that he might want for himself or one of his friends. This is hard ball politics. It is plain to see that an audit demanded by Wagle and Brownback that cost a million dollars and turns up less than five thousand dollars of issues, was a witch hunt from the start. They have egg mcmuffin all over their face tonight.

January 23, 2012 at 8:21 p.m. ( | suggest removal )