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Only in Lawrence: The mad scientist who helped draw Lawrence's artistic backbone

Ric has been a strong supporter of other performing artists as well. Our paths have cross d many times and I've always came away stronger. He was one of the first guys to get behind the Busker Festival and push me on. Thank you Ric!

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Battle for control brewing in East Lawrence Neighborhood Association; look at renderings for proposed Ninth Street project

There has been a a Request for Proposals sent out and local artists have been selected to help in creating the spaces along the road. The proposals are all unique to the artists and were unavailable when the renderings were done. They vary from artistic lighting, benches, landscaping, etc.

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Battle for control brewing in East Lawrence Neighborhood Association; look at renderings for proposed Ninth Street project

Richard, You are making an uninformed assumption that there are hidden agendas at work here. If you were aware of the arduous and sometimes tedious efforts the city, arts center and partners have made to keep this transparent you may realize that it is all on the table. The ELN has kept the partners feet to the fire in doing this, Porter Arneill (our new cultural director) has taken it upon himself to keep it open and the city commission has made public all the city's decisions. Granted there are businesses interests here but they are not the conspiratorial controlling force you imply.

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Battle for control brewing in East Lawrence Neighborhood Association; look at renderings for proposed Ninth Street project

Richard, I believe the grant that started the whole 9th street project was applied for by the Arts Center. As a performing artist who has worked there I believe they are truly committed to supporting the arts and artists and do not have any ties to developers. There are developers in East Lawrence who may benefit but there are also artists who have already been assigned to create for this project. The artists are the true beneficiaries.

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K-State imposes sanctions following band's Jayhawk halftime show

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Lawrence hires KCMO arts leader to serve as director of arts and culture

Fred, you speak like a person who is ill informed or misinformed. The Arts and Culture director position was created to give a direction to all the myriad visions and movements in our town. Imagine a city plan that was controlled by every individual interest, that's what we have without a director.
And for those of you who don't see the benefit of the arts in our town let me point out that the Busker Festival generates over $250,000 in tax revenue on a $23,000 budget. Where else will you or the city get that kind of return on its money?
Porter has done miraculous things in guiding the arts in KC and I expect him to do the same here.

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Today in Lawrence: Enjoy a weekend jammed with holiday events

The Winter Wonderland Weekend Workshops for Dec. 6th from 1-4pm have been cancelled.

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Dog being cared for at Humane Society after owner's body recovered from Kansas River

I knew Dwight and Gabby after Gabby got lost and our boy brought her home. The look on Dwight's face when he came to claim her was pure joy and relief. He really needed that dog. As hard as Dwight's life could be at times it was Gabby that kepi him going. In more ways than just being a service dog for seizures.

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Arts advocates plan effort to restore state funds

Nice to see some groups taking some action to restore KAC. In light of the government's new surplus, this is not too much to ask.

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Statehouse Live: Arts supporters urge Brownback to reverse defunding decision

Not only is no one following Brownback's decision but no one really asked for it. There was no hue and cry during the election or after it for the elimination of the Kansas Arts Commission. This is pure ideology and that is his only support.
If you think like he does you will be expected to go along with this or be thrown out of the party. I believe in fiscal responsibility and government having less say in what I do but I also like the arts support and educational system (which took a huge cut). I do not agree with this unsupported demolition of the arts support in our state.

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