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Busker reports being attacked with own fire sticks during street performance in Lawrence

This was not one of the scheduled performers at the Busker Festival nor was it within the area or time of the Busker Festival. Nonetheless I want to express that street performing is a protected first amendment right and this assault is disturbing. The Busker Festival strives to promote street performers as highly skilled professionals who deserve respect.

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New Mexican restaurant with ties to popular downtown eatery opens in west Lawrence

I wish him luck but unfortunately that location has been the death of many restaurants before his. Not sure why, perhaps some indian graveyard underneath it all.

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Lawrence City Commission to review simplified version of East Ninth Street Project

Bob, perhaps you missed the point in the article that said the art work would be paid for by the Art Place Grant and not the taxpayers.

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A conversation with Lawrence's tourism leader; city set to give $150K to local events; advocate selling KU basketball tickets for affordable housing cause

Before people get upset about the city spending this money on events instead of other things it must be pointed out that this comes from the transient guest tax that is collected from the hotels and can only be used to promote tourism in the city. In the past it has been given out in a rather unofficial manner but is now giving out through application and committee decisions. No other city services are being sacrificed.

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Overhaul of city grant program will favor events with a regional pull

As the producer of the busker festival I have received this funding in the past and hope to in the future. However I am hard pressed to prove the amount of hotel stays we generate without having to conduct expensive and time consuming surveys, tracking, etc. I would like to see some of the TGT money go into establishing a system that any event could use to do this. There must be something out there that we can all use.

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City manager talks one-on-one with residents as part of first 'listening post'

Good for Tom for doing this. In the last round of budget meetings and suggestions by the city manager, the common consensus was that he had not lived here long enough to understand the values of this town. Perhaps this is a start to change that story.

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Breakfast by the river now a new North Lawrence option; bike shop to leave East Lawrence for new location

If I start eating there as much as I ride the trail I will have to buy a Fat Bike to match my butt. Nice to see the cycle culture in this town improving.

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A look at the city manager's recommended budget, and the heat he is taking for it

A good example of this is Porter's guidance in creating forums for all parties involved in the 9th Street Arts project. He has effectively facilitated meetings and interest groups that are naturally divergent in what they wanted. His position has been decidedly neutral as he simply helped provide the arena for the lively discussions.

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A look at the city manager's recommended budget, and the heat he is taking for it

That link is for the Arts Commission which is an entirely different thing than the Arts and Culture Director. I serve on the LCAC and Porter is our main liaison between our commission and the city, he also is charged wth putting the Cultural Plan for Lawrence into action. The Cultural Plan was established after the city spent $10k in assessment of our culture and what areas to focus on for improvement. Porter is also responsible for carrying out the AEP survey which Lawrence paid to be a part of. The AEP will help determine the exact economic effect of arts and culture and thus guide the commission in making decisions. Additionally Porter is a city liaison for all those parts of our city that are affected by the arts, make art or want to create artistic opportunities in Lawrence. Much like Downtown Lawrence Inc (a city supported entity) works for downtown Lawrence merchants, the Arts and Cultural Director works for the arts and culture in our city.

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Kansas set to lose about $800K in arts funding

As a performing artist who relies on the MAAA grant to get work in the other 5 states in the association, this is a blow to my income and my artistic career. I have been able to get the MAAA's touring artist program for over 20 years because of my inclusion in the Kansas Touring Artist program.
The Governor's gross mismanagement of the Kansas Government and it's budget has finally hit me where it hurts. Please don't let these people continue in office.

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