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From tragedy, a legacy of progressivism

While there's been plenty of sexism in Kansas, let's not forget that we're also the state that had a city elect a female mayor for the first time in American history.

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U.S. House candidate criticized over comment made at forum

How so? Manspeaker was part of the Council that made the decision. He voted in favor of the cut, because of a petty grudge with Chad Taylor.

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U.S. House candidate criticized over comment made at forum

Not when the same person is directly involved in both incidents.

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U.S. House candidate criticized over comment made at forum

A hack from Topeka named Chad Manspeaker. Not only a hack, but a City Councilman. No wonder he's running such a lousy campaign, he's supposed to be busy serving his constituents in T-Town.

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Swastikas painted on Sen. Pat Roberts' Wichita office

Disgusting. I'm a Dem, I have no love for Roberts, but this is wrong and utterly offensive.

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Kansas Arts advocates planning event to demand return of arts funding

"The arts and croissants crowd'. Like students who benefited from school/after-school programs supported by the KAC? When will you Tea Party types get over the fact that not everyone who cares about the arts is a Greenwich Village beatnik?

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Phill Kline case rehashes old abortion debates

Kline's in trouble because he DIDN'T work inside the system. He attempted at every turn to manipulate it.

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Gov. Brownback donates unspent inauguration funds to Kansas Arts Foundation, other nonprofits

Brownhack can hide behind this when people criticize him for defunding the arts, because he assumes that nobody will call him out on how little he's giving in the long run.

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Attempt to override Brownback's veto of arts funding falls short

The issue, Centerville, isn't if people will just give up, but to what capacity will they be able to continue? And remember that "artists" here are not just a couple of painters and poets (you didn't say it, but so many others have reduced them to such a generality). There are teachers to consider, and people in administrative functions, and of course the citizens that got to take their classes or attend their functions because, thanks to the assistance of the KAC, they could actually afford to do so.

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Were you ever a member of student government?

KU Student Senator for a long time. Most people can tell you that they KUnited are lazy and dishonest, I can cite examples of WHY they earn those titles.

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