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Officer injured early Sunday in Lawrence

Don't forget the free health care and free education.

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City estimates it may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to keep concealed weapons out of city buildings

"The law no longer allows city or county buildings to be posted with the "no gun" signs that make it illegal for anyone, including concealed-carry permit holders, to bring a concealed weapon into the buildings."

If someone is carrying with out a permit they are already breaking the law, a sign will not change that.

If someone is carrying openly with intent on shooting someone, a sign will not change that.

Unless I'm wrong, I thought that the signs are only there to prevent CCH holders from carrying into the facility and had no real weight before the CCH law was passed.

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Gun bills easily approved

New York City August 24th 2012, Police shoot 8 innocent bystanders while trying to take down 1 guy with a gun.

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Topeka man dies after fall from Jeep

I was listening to the radio during that call. The helicopter based in Lawrence was not in town and the next closest was too far out to be of use. It was quicker for them to just drive to Topeka since they were on the county line already.

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LifeStar responding to life-threatening injury at Home Depot

It was another zombie attack!

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Ambulance service for Eudora would cost county $1 million

Assuming a person already has EMT-B it takes about 2 years to train up a paramedic. It would be pretty hard to get a group of people trained up just for a volunteer service.

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