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Anthropology Department opposes leave for Guth

He should not be fired nor should he be put on leave. This has nothing to do with KU's revenue stream except that politicians who do not believe in free speech rights - Wagle, Greg Smith, Brownback - might plan to make it an issue. KU, as an institution of higher learning, should stand up for the constitution and the constitutional rights of everyone on the left and right. If politicians punish KU for supporting constitutional rights, then so be it. Those politicians - who have sworn to uphold the constitution but refuse to do so - should be voted out of office.
Greg Smith is a government teacher in Shawnee Mission. Perhaps the Shawnee Mission School Board should suspend him for vowing to vote against any appropriation for KU until Guth is fired and to refuse to suggest that college-bound high school students should consider KU. By doing so, does he not disrupt the learning process for current SM HS students and for KU students? Is that "teacher" behavior?
Would you support firing Greg Smith for exercising his free speech rights?

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State GOP adopts resolution demanding withdrawal from Common Core, science standards

I believe this is part of Sam Brownback's "Roadmap to illiteracy." Couple this with his cuts to K-12 schools (the largest cuts ever made) and his more recent cuts to higher education and you can see where Kansas is going.

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Brownback's former budget director, Anderson, will work on state fiscal policy with KPI

And for KPI and Trabert "efficient" means 40 kids/teacher; fewer course offerings, pay to play or no athletics, eliminate all electives not mandated by statute, and on and on.

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Brownback's former budget director, Anderson, will work on state fiscal policy with KPI

There is no distinction. KPI, AFP, and the Koch brothers who fund and staff KPI and AFP consistently argue for less money for schools. The AFP model state budget - written by Anderson - even says that public universities ought to be as expensive as private universities in the name of no unfair advantage. Brownback and Anderson have been working overtime on this one on behalf of KPI, AFP and the Koch's by approving a budget that drives tuition rates up at public universities by underfunding them.

KPI essentially believes as Mitt Romney does that every American is entitled to all the education he/she can afford.

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Brownback's former budget director, Anderson, will work on state fiscal policy with KPI

BS Alert! Trabert is talking! Sorry, Dave, it happened on the Anderson/Brownback watch and Anderson even admitted it. I would suggest that "thou shalt not lie" but then what would KPI have to say?

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Teller's restaurant to change name and concept to Merchants Pub & Plate

PLEASE! Do not do "tons of TV's." Put one in the bar area if you must - like Free State Brewery or Marisco's - but can't we go somewhere to eat WITHOUT a ton of TV's? If what you want is to watch sports on a ton of TV's, there's Henry T's where you can get beer and great burgers or tacos or wings and watch all the sports - KU and otherwise - you want.

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Budget provision would block state funding for Common Core standards

There are two reasons for this move.
1. The standards - even though they were created by the Governors and Chief State School Officers - will improve schools while Obama is in office. Kansas cannot allow a Democrat to get credit for that even if the Democrat had nothing to do with the improvement.
2. Remember when Rick Santorum criticized Obama for saying every child ought to have the opportunity to go to college? "He wants everyone to go to college. What a snob!" You see, education is "elitist." We need to become a nation of undereducated teapublicans willing to vote against our own economic self-interest.

This budget, if this proviso is approved, will dismantle education in Kansas in three ways. First it will stop the implementation of career and college readiness standards aligned with the other states and college entrance; then it will flat fund K-12 education which is essentially a funding cut since inflation will eat away at the buying power of that flat funding; and finally it will reduce funding for post-secondary education forcing up tuition and pricing more students out of our community colleges, tech colleges, and universities.

Brownback and the 2013 legislature represent the most anti-education collective in the history of this state.

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Conservatives at odds over budget, taxes as wrap-up session drags on

The Koch brothers and their affiliated organizations - the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Americans for Prosperity - should have been satisfied to get their Brownback income tax bill. But they got greedy and bought as many seats in the legislature as they could. Unfortunately for them - and worse for us - is that fact that these newest Republicans have no loyalty to anything or anyone. They are essentially anarchists ready and willing to destroy the state to satisfy their delusional ideology. Not just by eliminating all taxes and the services that go along with them but in the meantime imposing their ideology on government services. See what they are doing to education - banning common core standards, mandating a "celebrate freedom week" to teach their version of Americanism. Add to this voter registration, takeover of the judiciary, insane and unconstitutional gun laws, requiring physicians to lie to women patients, etc., etc.

And this so-called "staring contest" between Merrick and Wagle/Brownback is costing the taxpayers about $35,000/day, keeping idle legislators in Topeka and paying them for a few minutes of resolution passing on the floor of the House and Senate. This is the sixth day of this madness. $210,000 down the toilet.

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Ad campaign accuses Kansas schools of low academic standards

And Trabert's organization argued in favor of multiple authorizing agencies just this year in the Kansas legislature. KPI has no interest in a quality education for every child. They simply wish to privatize all education and end public responsibility for education. First, get vouchers, corporate tuition tax credits, and unaccountable corporate run charter school laws enacted. Then move as many kids into those private schools as possible. Finally phase out public support for these programs and lower corporate taxes accordingly. Trabert, ALEC, and the current Kansas GOP believe everyone deserves all the education they can afford.

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Mediation in school finance case unsuccessful

Sam and his anti-government allies - who spent much of this session seeking legislation to privatize public education - claim that state revenues don't allow for funding schools. State revenues do apparently allow for massive tax cuts for the wealthiest Kansans. That's what the district court said - "You had the money to fund schools; you just chose to give it away in tax cuts."

And just a point of clarity - the court has not told the state to spend MORE on schools. They told the court to fund what they passed in 2008 but cut in subsequent years. Just fulfill your promises.

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